labeling it up.

okay, so, todd got me a labelmaker for my birthday and i'm systematically working on labeling every. single. thing we own. in case you forgot where the TV was or what it looked like, i will soon be labeling it so that pesky problem never rears its head again.

i may be exaggerating. slightly.

but in all seriousness, i think i'm in love with my dymo labeler. sure i love my husband and child, but this little contraption takes a very close third.

also, he gave me these really pretty cobalt-blue wine glasses from pier 1, some kitchen gadgets i had been really wanting, a cute headband, and this tropical plant i've been eyeballing at hyvee pretty much since we first got married. actually, he gave me a COUPON for the plant, so i can go pick out my favorite...and we all know how much i like coupons, so it was really like two gifts in one.

todd's such a good gift-giver. me, not so much. i'm pretty much always good for giving a book or two. and maybe a pack of sourpatch kids. and there ends my creativity.

in other news (so as to not dwell on what a crappy gifter i am)...atticus is learning the art of sleeping without being swaddled. it's definitely an artform - it's a lot harder, apparently, to fall asleep with your hands flailing wildly about than when they're pinned under control. who knew? he's getting a lot better at it.

we're also preparing for his first night in his own bed. i'm thinking next weekend will be more pack 'n play. i first thought we'd move him when he started sleeping through the night, but seen as how he's still getting up about twice every night and he's about a half a pound (read: two weeks) away from hitting the weight limit on the pack 'n play, i think it's time. i'm having a much harder time with it than i thought i would! i love having him in our room and knowing that he's sleeping so close to me...but it's definitely time. i'm not so sure it'll be so cute when i have a seventeen-year-old atticus all cramped up in the bassinet next to my bed. creepy.

so, we'll see how it goes. i'm kind of sad just thinking about it.

when he first sleeps in his own room, i'll have to stick a label to his head that says, "independent." and one to my head that says "proud, sad mommy."


Danielle said...

lol yeah, i'm sure 17 year old atticus wouldn't enjoy sleeping in the bassinet beside your bed either. sleepovers at age 8 would be creepy too! (do boys do sleepovers?)

tivo vovo said...

you are a good wife. it will be sad not to have lil' guy in the room with us, but it is all part of growing up i suppose.

i'm glad you like the labeller. i knew it would be a hit!

label me, "excited"