you've got to be kidding me.

still pregnant. i swear, if i hear "awww, you're still here!" at work one more time, someone's going to get a roundhouse kick to the face. i understand that "well, he can't stay in there forever" and that "he must just be really comfortable in there!" actually, my favorite conversation with a coworker took place about five minutes ago:

her: 'how are you feeling?'
me: 'to be honest, i'm pretty grumpy!'
her: 'because you're fat?'

yep. that's exactly why.

i try to keep in mind that everyone is just excited for me and trying to be helpful. i'm just a grouch.

i tried jumping on our classroom trampoline today. other than nearly killing myself by running into the filing cabinet, nothing happened. so then i sat on our big sensory ball (pretty much just a prickly exercise ball) and...nothing. this kid is stubborn. he apparently is my kid. and todd's, for that matter. but much more persistently stubborn, so more like me in that sense.

it's basically boiled down to a battle of the wills. and i will win. this kid is coming out.


whenjeskasparks said...

aw. well that's no fun.
i did laugh pretty hard at your trampoline bit though.
man, you gotta teach that kid who's boss before it gets worse! grab the reigns! maybe you should all be in a family counseling group at cornerstone. start a prayer chain.

i'm trying to be funny.
it's not working.
so i hope the li'l turd makes his grand appearance today. 'cause it's a tuesday. and i like tuesdays.

my word verification is "milsh".
it sounds like an onomatopoeia.
and atticus came out with a "milsh."


whenjeskasparks said...

oh, and by reigns, i mean reins.
but whatev. either way, please don't grab anything your child is currently handing you.

Anonymous said...

A roundhouse kick might actually get things moving. i suggest dairy queen, a hot shower, and have todd rub your feet and maybe a good all out cry your eyes out. it sucks babe. it really really sucks.

tivo vovo said...

my word verification is "scomenta." it sounds like something that kid with the leather jackter tries to sell kids that looks like a mento, but actually was made in a bathtub in an abandoned house. scomenta, the death shaker.

thanks for hanging in there wife. you are doing a great job.

jared said...

i've heard riding on a motorcycle helps. you can borrow mine if you want.

my verification word is exatu. Latin for precise?

side note, what is that wheelchair icon next to the word verification? when I click on it, all I hear is jibberish....

Andrew said...

My handicapped gibberish was 260811.

Danielle said...

HA I only have one advice to give: (the one you told me on sunday about your coworker--her really embarrassing moment?). Hopefully you'll have better luck with it! ;)

word verification: poltaxe. yikes, sounds kinda painful.

Shaina said...

Love you guys - Chad and I are sitting here cracking up at the hilarity that is Team Van Voorst. HURRY UP BABY!!! Mom and Dad want to meet you!