telling it like it is.

atticus is finally asleep and i have a second to actually update!

it's been a good couple of weeks. atticus had his two-week appointment on the 19th, and he weighed 9 lb 2 oz, and was 21.75 inches long. (are you kidding me?! atticus is awake again.) the doctor said he looks really healthy, which is good.

the next day, atticus began his second growth spurt. he was wanting to eat like every 45 minutes - and when it takes him 20 minutes to eat and another 5 minutes to change him, that only left me around 20 minutes to do anything else at a time. it made for a few long days of doing very little other than sitting on the couch.

(over the span of the last 5 minutes, atticus has been put back to sleep, woken up again, and been put back to sleep. i have a feeling this is going to be a long afternoon...he has slept a total of about 10 minutes in the last 5 hours. and of course, he wakes up the second i put him down in his bed, so i'm having to do most things one-handed.)

anyway. by wednesday after he started his growth spurt on saturday, i was going crazy. i'd hardly slept at all, and spent most of my waking moments feeding him. i was starting to suspect that he was over his growth spurt and had just gotten used to eating so often. plus, with as much as he was eating, i bet his tummy hurt. he was grouchy, i was crying. todd worked an overnight, and i didn't know who to call for help, since my mom lives 3 hours away and it was christmas eve and i didn't want to bug anyone. i tried calling first nurse to see how long a growth spurt was supposed to last and how to tell if a baby has just gotten used to eating super often. her less-than-friendly answer? "we don't have information on that. every baby is different." well.

so on christmas, we went over to the duvicks for the day. since ami has six kids, i figured she knew a thing or two about getting a kid back into a decent routine. oh my word, she was awesome. by the time we left that afternoon, atticus was back into a three-hour routine, was sleeping like a champ, and was all around a much happier little guy! it was a christmas miracle.

on saturday, we were supposed to drive down to my parents' house, stopping on the way to visit my dad and his current wife, my dad's ex-wife, and my dad's parents. (as todd says, this holiday brought to you by divorce.) however, the roads were REALLY bad, so we couldn't leave until 5.5 hours after we had expected to. we drove about 40 miles an hour on the highway for about a quarter of the way, and i lost count of how many cars we saw in the ditch. we even saw a charter bus in the ditch.

the next day we did a big christmas thing with my stepdad's daughters. one of the highlights of the day was when i let the four-year-old son of my stepsister's friend help me with atticus. he was awesome at holding him, and really wanted to help with other stuff, so i offered to let him help me change him (meaning, he got to attach the velcro tabs on the clean diaper). however, during the cleaning process, gavin was like, "what's that brown thing?" even though i thought it was strange that a four-year-old boy didn't recognize it, i was like, "that's poop." "no, i meant that other brown thing." oh.... um.... "well, uh, that's his privates." awkward. last time i'm allowing a stranger's kid to look in my kid's diaper. mistake noted.

speaking of diapers, over the course of 36 hours over the weekend, atticus crapped his way through 10 outfits. i hate target brand diapers with a passion. another mistake noted.

the drive back to ames was going to take about 3 hours, so i fed atticus right before we left, thinking that we could hope to barely make it back to ames before he got hungry again. he slept for six hours. i'm not even kidding. it was amazing. then last night, he slept about 5 hours in a single stretch. i'm hoping that sticks, although i'm thinking that's the reason he's having kind of a difficult time falling asleep today.

and...i think that's about it. i've typed virtually this entire blog while balancing atticus on my chest. i feel accomplished! we have a bunch of new pictures...i'll post some soon!


Ted n' Tiff said...

Oh my, oh my! What a crazy time. And what a crazy time we have as parents!! And as for diapers most don't do the job they should! You will have many dirty outfits to come!! I always underestimate the number or outfits I need to take with us on a trip to my parents. Have fun!! And hopefully Atticus lets you sleep sometime! Take a nap when he does and don't feel guilty about it. Miss you and thinking of you guys. I will have to give a call soon once all the business is over from the holidays.

Danielle said...

I've been thinking about you and wondering how you were holding up! :) I just got monday and tuesday off---want some company/someone to help out around the house? I'd love to see you and the little guy again! I'll call you when we get closer if I haven't heard from you. Love ya dear! said...

Wow! sounds like you're getting the hang of this mom thing! I knew you'd be great at it. I'll be around on the 11th if that still works for you. Let me know what time. Can you guys come over here?

btw - in case I haven't already told you this: the commercials are right. You live, you learn, then get Luvs. They're the best bang for the buck. That being said, Kyran was a master at pooping OUT of an outfit. Once, while in the Jumperoo, he managed to make a puddle of poo on the carpet, but had almost NONE inside the diaper. I still haven't figured that one out.

Finally, not sure if you follow many blogs, but I have a couple of GREAT mom blogs I follow that I think you would enjoy. LEt me know if you're interested and about that Sunday. Can't wait to see him!! Oh and you and Todd too!