(our first family photo)

(learning about good oral hygeine from the master)

(HAHA. mom trying out her hand at burping him the way the nurses suggested. he doesn't look too thrilled.)

okay, so much has been happening that i haven't had a chance to update!
so, like todd said, contractions started thursday night around 11:45. i had had my membranes stripped at my appointment earlier that day, so i was really glad it seemed to have worked! after the first contraction, i waited for the second one before waking todd up. (i wanted to make sure i wasn't just constipated or something.) after the second one, i was sure i was in labor, so i woke todd up.

at about 12:45, my water broke and my contractions became a lot more intense and close together. i called first nurse, who told me to take a shower then head on over to the hospital. that was seriously the best advice ever - i'm so glad i got to shower before we left. however, by the time we got to the hospital, my contractions were coming around every 3 minutes or so; i'd had 3 just walking from the parking ramp to the hospital entrance.

we checked in and got settled into our room around 2:00, and around 3:00 or so i got my epidural. they checked me and said i was dilated to 5 0r 6, meaning i was well on my way! the nurse did a couple other things (taking vitals, etc.) and then i tried to lay down to sleep. the epidural made me REALLY itchy, though, so i didn't actually sleep until around 5:15 or so after they gave me some anti-itch stuff.
at around 6, the nurse woke me up, checked me, and told me i was dilated to 10, and that we'd start pushing in a little while! (at this point i'm thinking, this was WAY too easy. who knew i'd sleep my way to 10 cm?)
we started pushing at 6:30, and at 8:03 our little guy was born! i feel so blessed at how EASY my delivery seemed to be. there were definitely unpleasant parts, but overall there is nothing that i wish went differently.
it was so nice to have the whole day on friday and the whole day on saturday to hang out as a family and see friends and family that came to visit. it was actually kind of sad on sunday when we left, because it had been so nice! not to mention our nurses were AWESOME, and one even fauxhawked atticus' hair for us! :) it was also kind of scary to leave, since i wouldn't be able to ask a nurse to come in every time i had a question. we were going to have to deal with stuff on our own...yikes!

(i don't know if you can tell, but our awesome nurse jill fauxhawked his hair!)

however, atticus is a great kid and we're all doing really well. he slept for 3-hour stretches the first night, and i was able to get almost 8 hours of sleep! he's so chill during the day, too...what an easy little guy to love!
he's an awesome eater (he was born pretty much knowing exactly what to do to nurse, which was a huge blessing) and at his homeward visit they said he's gained 4.5 ounces just since he left the hospital on sunday! that's like a quarter pounder. nice work, atticus!
thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, and i hope to update soon!
(that's his lopsided stank-eye. he does this quite a bit.)


Ted n' Tiff said...

congrats once again!! the pics are awesome, I think Atticus had more hair on the day he was born than Seth (nearly 7 months) has now! have a blast with him, it's so fun to see them grow and develop! said...

I want (another) one!!! So precious! Glad you were still smiling in the hospital - you look amazing. Let me know if you're coming this way before the 19th of Dec and we'll have you over for a little bit for tiny baby pictures. IF not no worries - we can do it when we get back. Don't worry about the seemingly crossed eyedness. Both my kids did it and they outgrow it in a few weeks when those muscles strengthen.

YEAH!! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

whenjeskasparks said...

oh, lovely.
i'm gonna try to be home this weekend, so i'll see if i can stop by!

Andrew said...

Woo woo!