our upstairs neighbor is particularly endearing. so endearing, in fact, that i have dubbed him/her "the yeti." through very little intentional sleuthing, i have gathered these facts about our mystical friend:

*the yeti enjoys the game rock band. the yeti has an affinity for drumming.
*the yeti has friends who thoroughly enjoy the f-word. and, quite likely, getting drunk.
*the yeti often wears high heels, or has a partner who often wears high heels. typically around 7:30 in the morning. and especially in the uncarpeted kitchen and bathroom areas.
*the yeti has interesting hibernation patterns. dormant for long periods of time, the yeti will then awaken and tear the kitchen cabinets off the walls. or something.
*the yeti does not wear houseslippers.
*the yeti must have an inherent ability to sense when babies are sleeping, and is kind enough to offer unusual lullaby services in the forms of stomping, dropping, and chairscooting.

i do appreciate all the yeti's efforts. it has actually made me more comfortable living in an apartment building with a new baby. i'm not as worried about waking up the neighbors. not so much because the neighbors don't seem super concerned about waking up their neighbors, but more because apparently the neighbors don't sleep anyway.

ah, the yeti. makes me (almost) miss last year's upstairs neighbors, Leadfoot and his crazy-antic'ed cat, Leadpaw. almost.


Andrew said...

In my first apartment, I had a next-door neighbor who was a freshman at ISU who would go home for the weekend and leave the keys to his apartment with is underage drinking buddies, who would stand on his balcony shouting slurred profanities at their girlfriends over their cell phones and then return inside to have drunken wrestling matches in which my wall factored heavily. Or they would make rounds through the entire building, knocking on doors and then accosting whoever answered. (I'm not sure exactly what they did to whoever answered, because I never answered.)

jared said...

I think one time I was fed up with annoying people and shut off the power to their apartment at the meter bank outside.