tales from the precious (moments) side

so paige and i have been reading Bible stories to atticus at night from the precious moment stories from the Bible book her grandparents gave to her as a child. highlights thus far include...

... from the story entitled, "perfume for Jesus (john 12:1-8)"

"no sooner had she done this then judas, one of the guests who loved money, jumped to his feet and shouted, 'mary, how stupid of you! that perfume could have been sold for $48'".

awesome! i love how judas loves money so much, he has it calculated to the very american dollar's worth. nicely done precious moments. the artistic license is hilarious!

... from the story entitled, "a big surprise for a little man (luke 19:1-10)"

"wherever Jesus went there were such large crowds that it was very hard to push through to see Him. and, to make things even worse, zacchaeus was a very little man. he was almost like some of the midgets you may have seen."

awesome! do they mean, "like the midgets whom you may have seen if you've ever been to the circus," or "like the midgets who were just right there, that you probably didn't see, because they are so very tiny!"?

this book rocks!
atticus is going to love perfume and midgets.

that reminds me of a jack handy quote, check it out:

"If I ever get real rich, I hope I'm not real mean to poor people, like now."


jared said...

so Zacchaeus kinda resembles Minni Me or possibly Micky from Seinfeld? I always pictured him like an elf.

tivo vovo said...

yeah, remember when micky and kramer were fighting over who got to be the different diseases in their acting class? zacchaeus is like a midget pretending to have scoliosis