we kind of like him.

this is his "old man" look. he ended up with a striped onesie (since he pooped on the solid-colored one) to clash with his striped pants. that go up to his pits. classy, atticus.

the carseat face.

man, does he hate the carseat.

awww. i love this little sweatshirt.

at his first dr. appointment, before he had to get all cold and naked.

after he got all cold and naked.

a little happier in the carseat this time.

"the home alone"

watching football in his sweats with dad.

atticus looks thrilled to be a member of the family.

"the dead guy"

rocking the fauxhawk

not even sure what's going on here...

he loves mommy, but he hates being changed.


Ted n' Tiff said...

He is sooooo cute! I love all his funny expressions! And I LOVE the hair! He is adorable. Enjoy him.

Ted n' Tiff said...

Oh and keep the pictures coming! I love to look at pictures!!

Danielle said...

he has grown SO much!!! absolutely adorable!!