1 week

so, atticus is 1 week old today, and already i've learned and seen a lot...

*atticus really likes to pee on todd. and poop on todd.
*once he even peed into his own face.
*he doesn't so much poop as he does some heavy-duty sharting. he's not subtle.
*he projectile pooped onto todd's pants and the carpet. i had to use my martha stewart handbook to look up how to remove pet stains, because even she didn't anticipate projectile baby poop stains.
*he does great impressions of an old man, a cartoon turtle, and a dead guy.
*i typically run 1-2 loads of laundry per week. in a little while, i will start load 5. why? see most highlights.
*while his hair is awesome, i didn't anticipate pubescent levels of grease. his 'do is rather high-maintenance.
*he has already gained a lot of muscle strength and coordination in his neck and arms. he'll probably be a wrestler.

do any of you moms out there know what i should do about a goopy/runny eye? yesterday his eye was running with this weird clear-brown stuff. any insight?

welp, that's all i can think of for now. i'm sure there will be more to come.


whenjeskasparks said...

haha. love it.
i love the sharting comment, too. seriously, the number of times i've been pooped/sharted on is innumerable.

anyway, about the eye goop, it might just be a clogged tear duct. that's what it was for the atticus in our room. perhaps it's name specific? iunno. something worth checking into.

love you!

GmaK said...

Jes is right. Likely a blocked tear duct. Try a warm wash cloth to not only clear away the goo but to also open things up.

I actual found a pediatrician's article at that recommended applying a bit of breat milk to act as an antibiotic.

This will likely go away in a few weeks as he and his tear ducts grow!

whenjeskasparks said...

oh yeah, i forgot, you're mom has another good point. breastmilk also (supposedly) takes care of pink eye as well!

i just have awful ideas of people just squirting away into tiny babies eyes... yikes.

Anonymous said...

It's it great how pooping, sharting, peeing, and the names of all body parts are now part of your dinner time discussions and most conversations. Ahhh the joys!! :-) At least he IS pooping, that's a good sign! We never had the goopy eye so I would concur with whatever Grandma says!! We also never had the hair issue... I can however relate to being the only one a kid pees on. I feel ya Todd!!

mikos said...

Dear brother,
David has never pooped or peed on me!
However, I believe you did when you were a baby!!
There is justice in the world!!!
What a beautiful boy you have!!!
Enjoy him.They grow up fast!!!
See ya soon!
Mike and David