cashin' it in

my dad listened to johnny cash when i was a child. in an 8 year-old kind of way, i remember thinking, "this is kinda neat." don't know why, but it never took. until recently that is. i checked out johnny cash "IV: the man comes around" from the library. it was amazing. it is amazing. if you haven't bought into the man in black mystique, it's worth checking out. here is a sample, i love this old timey country Gospel-type stuff.

(this is not on "IV: when the man comes around")


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

Hm, let's try that again:

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Anonymous said...

Huge Cash fan here!! Have been for some time now. Gotta love "when the man comes around". also love "God's gonna cut you down" and his remake of "hurt"

Now I'm digging out all my CDs...ahhhh... gotta love it!

tivo vovo said...

nice dewhurst, nice. God's gonna cut you down is brilliant. i really like his story. i will send you a link to something you might find amazing.