if it were milk, you'd have a few days before you'd have to toss it

paige is officially one day overdue!
i will keep y'all posted as to new developments.
as for now, pray that atticus makes his grand entrance soon and safely.

also, if you noticed, the countdown is complete too.
i guess the countdown didn't get the memo.

in other news, if you have never seen "nacho libre" check it out.
it is a lot of fun.
if you liked napoleon dynamite and even liked it enough to refer to it as "nappy d," then nacho libre is certainly for you.

have fun.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Paige... so very sorry... keep your head up. With both of my kids I was 2 days over, had a mental breakdown and went into labor the next day so if you go crazy and lose your mind... maybe it's a good sign :-) We'll be praying for you guys!!

Jessica said...

Oh, Todd! I've gotta agree with you - I LOVED Nacho Libre!! Even more than Napoleon Dynamite. (I first watched it about 2 years ago...and loooooved it.) (By the way, you have to sing that 'looooooved' it part, just like NAH-chOH.)
Anyway - I saw from LisaGrace's facebook that Atticus is officially here! CONGRATULATIONS!!!