so, i'm a podcast personality now. which is weird.

Last weekend, I got a chance to get together with my friend Tori, who discipled me when Atticus and Penelope were really little.  She's now doing a podcast for the women's ministry at Cornerstone Church of Ames, our church home when we lived there, and the hub of our church planting network.  She asked me if I'd be up for talking a little bit about our experience church planting, which is how I found myself doing my first-ever podcast.


As it turns out, I like to say the word, "yeah" a lot.  Like fifty bajillion times in any given 20-minute segment.  It's super annoying.  But I also said some other stuff, too, which hopefully redeemed the whole endeavor.

So, if you're up for reading listening between the 'yeahs,' or you just want to scratch that curious itch you've got about what my voice sounds like, you can listen to the podcast here under "The Church Planting Wife."  (That's me.)

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todd said...

so like a gardener then...