the black hills: day 3

Our first outing in the Black Hills was a trip to Old McDonald's Farm.  It's a petting zoo that we've visited once or twice before, but it's been a few years.  It's always a hit with the kids, since there are tons of animals to pet and feed, pony rides, a train, and a playground.



Laurelai was not. having. this.

Laurelai and her cousin David were best buds.



Watching the pig race.  It appears Tony's pig won.

Once we got back to the house, the little kids napped, and then they all spent the rest of the afternoon playing Police.  (I feel like these photos make them look like they play with guns all the time; that's not the case, and it's actually quite rare they get to.  These were just the toys on hand at the time.)


Big, strong policeman!

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todd said...

that was a good time e-i-e-i-yo!