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Last week I didn't write a weekly update post because my laptop was being a craptop.  It seems to have all-out died.  Which means I didn't have a keyboard to type on, and I didn't have access to any photos to post.  (We also didn't have access to Netflix, which made life embarrassingly difficult for a few days - it turns out, I really rely on PBS shows to babysit my kids while I make dinner, and Todd and I were getting toward the end of the last season of Chuck again, and it was unacceptable to have to wait a few days to keep watching.  So we watched on the Kindle's tiny screen.  It would appear I am in an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship with Netflix.)

(This photo was taken when we still had our functioning computer and we were all blissfully unaware of what was to come.)

We have since figured out how to get our other gimpy laptop running well enough to at least type on, and miracle of miracles, it actually has photo editing software on it, so we seem to be up and running for day-to-day use.  Unfortunately, all my homeschool planning for this coming year and previous years is on the dead computer.  All my photo editing and culling is on the dead computer.  All our music is on the dead computer.  My address book is on the dead computer.  I'm having a hard time not shaking my fist at and cursing the very name of the dead computer.

But we mustn't dwell.  Not on Rex Manning Day.  I mean, Friday.  So here's a rundown of what we've been up to.

Last week, I came down with some kind of respiratory cold that knocked me on my butt.  I seriously have not been that sick in years (excepting morning sickness).  I could barely get out of bed.  I could barely breathe or speak or function.  And Wednesday, when it was raging at its worst, I was on my own with the kids for the first time in months, as it was Todd's first day of work.  And we had no power for a few hours, as there were 70-100 mph winds ripping through.  It was a rough day. 

(This was taken at lunchtime.  Our house gets exactly zero natural light, even on a sunny day, so during the dark, stormy power outage, we got to lunch by candlelight just to see properly.  Ask me how I feel about this.)

The silver lining to all of it, though, was that I discovered the deeply healing properties of hot whiskey.  Our grandparents knew what was up, y'all: drink a Hot Toddy for a throat cold.  Thank me later.  (And keep your Hot Toddy jokes to yourself... I've already told them all and made Hot Toddy roll his eyes out of embarrassment/pure love.)

Todd spent Friday night and all day Saturday at a Connection Group leaders' retreat.  He shot a gun for the first (and second and third) time in his life.  He stayed up until 2:30 a.m. catching and spearing bullfrogs in the pitch dark with a bunch of guys, some of whom were only in their underwear.  Also, this happened:

A photo posted by Todd Van Voorst (@toddhenryvanvoorst) on

From what I can tell, men's retreats are different than women's retreats.

I have completed Week 3 of my Couch to 5k endeavor.  I'm pretty sure I could qualify for the Boston Marathon at this point.

(In all seriousness, I'm pretty proud of my progress.  I have increased my distance by over a mile, and have increased the incline at which I run, in just a few short weeks.  I'm inching closer and closer to actually running a 5k - meaning, 3.1 miles.  It's within reach!)

And yesterday, a few of the Anthem girls headed out to a nearby lake and splashpad.  I'm not going to lie, I had kind of a bad attitude about it going into it - I'm such a hermit.  I hate social gatherings.  I hate taking all the kids out if I don't need to.  I hate packing lunches and having to figure out when and how I'm going to nurse Rocco in public.  So I was totally Oscar The Grouching it on Wednesday night.  But it was so fun and the kids had an absolute ball, and I'm so glad I went.  God is stretching me to be less curmudgeonly.

Next week, I promise to finally update you about Rocco at eight months (since he's now almost nine months)!  I just lost all the photos we took that day, so I've been putting it off.  And I'll share more pictures of our time at the lake.  See you next week!

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I love that God loves you so much!