a morning at the lake.

I mentioned last week that I took the kids to a nearby lake and splashpad with some friends.  It was so fun, and much needed in the middle of this heat wave.

It is hot in Missouri.  (I mean, this summer it's hot errwherr, but Missouri is currently hotter-hot than Iowa-hot.  If that makes sense.)  Water is a must, and backyard pools are a thing here.  Like, not kiddie pools, but like actual pools.  Above-ground pools are even common, which is especially weird, but it's true.  However you can cool off, you do.

So there are tons of public pools and splash pads and swimming lakes, many of which are free, which is so great.  The park we went to had a really, really kid-friendly lake (shallow, with little fish swimming around, and lots of sand - not mud - to dig in) and an adjacent splash pad.  The kids were in heaven.  Atticus and Finneas, especially, are big fans of the water.

Laurelai, on the other hand, is not a fan of the water yet.  She spent most of her time clinging to our friend Ana, or digging in the sand. 

Rocco spent his time trying to get away from the spray.  Another poo-pooer of the water.

We packed a picnic lunch, so when everyone started getting too hot in the sun (read: I started getting heat stroke like I always do), we sat in the shade to cool off while we ate.

We left shortly after finishing our lunch because Rocco was needing to nurse again, and if there's one thing that's worse than nursing in public, it's nursing in public when it's one million degrees out, and you and your baby are both smothered to death by your nursing cover and each other's body heat.  Blech.  So we high-tailed it home, where I fed Rocco in the air conditioning, and then all the little kids conked out for the rest of the afternoon.

It was such a fun day, and we're looking forward to going back soon!

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