the black hills: day four.

This day in Custer was just spent hanging around Todd's parents' house.  I love that about being up there - there are so many fun things to do out and about, but there are also so many fun things to do around home.  We don't have to pack our days full of touristy stuff in order to have an absolute blast. 

The boys spent time riding the tractor...

Laurelai spent all her time, well, looking beautiful and chatting with her Grandma.

The ATV and the Gator were huge hits.  Major shocker.

This little mermaid spent all her time in the water.

And the kids played - and napped - in the teepee.

And then, that perennial favorite, Pile of Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

That evening before dinner, we headed out to drive through the Custer State Park Wildlife Loop.  You can get up close and personal with deer, buffalo, wild burros, prairie dogs, and strangely enough, the military.  (They were running some kind of practice drills or something, which we didn't know about until we crested this hill and all of a sudden there were all these soldiers with major weaponry walking through the grass on either side of the road.  And then there were tanks and hummers and helicopters.  And then also buffalo.  Because: South Dakota.)

When we came up on the group? pack? herd? of wild burros, we were at the ready: Todd's dad had sent us with some bread to feed them, and they knew it.  They swarmed the van, begging for a tiny morsel.  (I swear, they had Oliver Twist accents.)

Todd gave our last piece to one particularly desperate fellow, who then got ticked we didn't have anymore and blew snot all over Todd's head.  I started laughing really, really hard, only to turn around and discover a different burro had stuck his head in my window, and his face was rightnextomine.  I haven't screamed that loudly in a while.  Luckily my screams didn't incite a stampede or a scared donkey-bite or anything, and the burros moved along.  BUT SRRSLY.  Stealth donkeys are the leading cause of heart attacks inside the Wildlife Loop.  It's true.  I saw it on the news.

Anyway, we got home and ate a wonderful meal, the kids went to bed, and then Todd and I stayed up way too late binge-watching the Game Show Network, because: Vacation Y'all.

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todd said...

Oh my word, Baggage is the worst/most interesting show