prepping for homeschool, 2016-2017.

Well, it's that time of year again, folks: Homeschool Planning Time.  Arrrrrgh.

I am still trying to get my homeschool legs under me.  I feel like I still have no idea what I'm doing half the time.  Plus, we didn't finish out the year last year - we fizzled out in early March when stuff got really crazy with the move, and we haven't picked it up since then.  So really, we're not even starting a new year, we're just picking up where we left off with last year's work.  And while Missouri has pretty flexible homeschool laws, there are a few new hoops I'm having to jump through and navigate.

But, it has to be done.  The kids are begging for structure.  (Seriously.  They literally keep begging for their chore clipboards.  You know stuff is dire when your kids are like, "Pleeeease let us do some chores," and you're all, "NOT NOW!")  We really need to get back into the routine of things.

That being said, I'm hoping this year goes better than last year.  (I mean, I hope it goes longer than last year, at the very least.)  So, for accountability's sake, here are my goals:

1.  Incorporate a "morning basket" or circle time, where everyone participates, and we check some of the more random daily stuff off the list instead of letting it fall through the cracks.

2.  Do a weekly nature walk.  Charlotte Mason was, like, all about nature study and nature walks, and I've been calling myself a CM educator without actually doing some of the stuff she says is most important.  NO MORE HYPOCRISY, DO YOU HEAR ME?!  Plus, now that we live in Missouri, which numbers among the most geologically diverse states in the nation, I really have no excuse.  We're gonna see some stuff, daggummit.

3.  Keep better record of what the heck is happening.  In addition to now having to document our school hours (BLEHHHHHHHHHHHHH), I'd like to start a Calender of Firsts, a Family Diary/five-year journal, a commonplace book, and my own nature journal.  Now, how to figure out how to force myself to sit down and write.  It's a sensory thing - I hate physically writing anything down.  Maybe I should try using a fountain pen.  I've heard that can help with the sensory part of writing.  Anyone have any experience with fountain pens?

4.  Focus more on fine arts than I have the past few years.  Actually do the assigned art and music study instead of slacking off like a loser.

5.  Not burn myself out.  Not burn myself out.  Not burn myself out.  (I like to call this bullet point "Operation: Keep On Keepin' On, Paige Van Voorst.")  I love being at home with my kids.  I love educating them.  But I get burnt out on the planning and prepping part so quickly.  Sometimes I think I'm better cut out for School-In-A-Box type curriculum, but I feel so strongly about the Charlotte Mason approach that I have to figure out a way to reconcile the fact that my teaching personality seems too laid back to actually accomplish it. 

Tomorrow I'll repost a tour of our homeschool area in our old house.  I will not be showing you around our homeschool area here in our new house quite yet, because our house still looks like it was hit by a bomb and then covered in garbage.  The house is not pretty yet, to put it nicely, and it frankly makes me mad, so give me some time before I show you all what it looks like around here.

And if you're curious, here's a post on the homeschool curriculum we use.

Who else is getting ready for the impending school year?


todd said...

Homeschool is the new old school

Lissa said...

Man, I know this is an old post of yours, but can I blame going back in time on nursing?? I'm tracking with you here as there is so much I love theoretically about homeschool but I also am wrestling with how to practically implement what I love. Did you know Sonlight, a fairly structured curriculum, is CM-based?