weekly what's up. and i'm not going to lie and say 'nothing much happened this week.'

This week held some big, big stuff.  I loved this week.

First off, Lauren got married last Friday.  All of that planning and prayer paid off, and it was perfect.  I mean, really, actually perfect.  God has given me so many 'best day's of my life - the day I got engaged, the day I got married, the day each of my kiddos were born, and last Friday.  I am so, so lucky to have had so many best days.

Unfortunately, because there was so much going on, I literally got two photos of anything wedding-related that entire week leading up to it.  They're both blurry, and they're just of Lauren, me, and our mom sitting in pedicure chairs.  So imagine it if you feel like it; you're not missing much if you don't.

Luckily, Todd was on the job with the camera on Saturday, when we went to Lauren's studio for the gift opening brunch.  

We had a makeshift picnic lunch on the floor (because asking a Van Voorst child to balance a plate on their lap while sitting on a chair is basically a deposit guaranteeing that EVERYTHING will end up covered in ketchup, even if no ketchup was served), and all the kids were feeling kind of saucy from dancing their little hearts out until midnight the night before.

My cousin Nick rocked the Ergo (and the Rocco).

After the brunch, Lauren's new brother-in-law Parker, a police officer, offered to show the kids around the Ankeny police station.  Uh, OKAY!  The kids had a freaking blast.  Again, unfortunately, we only had the camera on hand for part of the visit, but just for your enjoyment, we managed to get a shot of all the kids locked in a real jail cell.  What this picture doesn't show you is that the key to open the door wasn't turning in the lock even after many, many attempts, and I genuinely started to panic that they would be stuck in there forever.  But, obviously, as I'm not currently telling you about how my kids are, at this moment, starving to death in an Ankeny jail cell, things clearly worked out okay in the end.

Rocco's world is changing at the speed of light.  He turned eight months old on Monday, he is pulling himself up to standing and seems like he'll start cruising around the furniture soon.  And this week I decided to pull out the cloth diapers again after they'd been a long time in storage.  (I think Penelope's was the last baby bottom to grace them.)  

Cloth diapers definitely have their myriad drawbacks, but daaaang, you can't out-cute a baby in a cloth diaper, even if the photo is blurry and the baby is only barely paying attention to the photographer.  This blurry photo is still cuter than a clear photo of a baby in a dumb disposable diaper, amiright?

Yesterday, the fam took a trip up to the Amish community near here to hunt and gather.  Just like when the pioneers used to drive their minivans to someone else's homestead to purchase things produced at the hands of others.  It made me feel so gritty and down-to-earth.

I definitely think we'll be making that drive once a week to pick up fresh milk, cream, butter, eggs and produce.

You have to be prepared before heading up to the Amish: you need a cooler and ice packs, your own sterilized glass bottles for milk, egg cartons to trade in, and enough cash to cover everything.  It may surprise you, but the Amish don't usually host ATMs or take credit cards.  Usually.

This milk is so. stinking. amazing.  The kids complain about normal store bought milk now, since it is nothing compared to this.  (All the kids except Laurelai, that is, who definitely takes more of a grace-based approach to vetting her milk.  No milk is bad enough to fall out of the scope of Laurelai Van Voorst's love.)

Also?  Speaking of her, Laurelai is adorab-lai.

I started Couch to 5k, and I'm feeling really good about it!  I'm going a little farther and a little faster each time I run, and I'm feeling stronger.  I can tell you more about it soon!

And, as if all of that wonderful wonderfulness wasn't enough for this week, TODD GOT A JOB OFFER!!!  Y'all may not have known this, but Todd has not been working since mid-May.  It has been so, so great for us - we were able to take time to settle here, and go to the Black Hills, and be at all of the fun stuff at Lauren's wedding.  We were able to hunker down as a family for a little while as we all transitioned to living in Missouri, and Laurelai has especially benefited from having Todd home all day to cuddle her, as I think she's had a rough time with the transition and she has really needed her daddy.  But, we were living off of savings, and we had a lot of major expenses in a short amount of time, and I was starting to wonder when, exactly, God was going to come through with a job for us.

And then, lo and behold, perfect timing.  As soon as the wedding craziness was over and there was nothing left on the agenda to have to go do this summer, a job.  God has been so good to us!

Such a great week!  Hope yours was wonderful as well!


todd said...

It was an amazing week! so many good things given to us.

Unknown said...

Is that my old cell phone Rocco is eating?

todd said...

Nope. We bough some old phones off of Craig's List. That u Paige's current phone.

Unknown said...

I'm always here to help...
Oh yes I remember!!!!!
I forgot.....
I ate my old phone so..........
Sorry Rocco#^$%**