'what's up weekly.'

This week has been full-to-the-brim with All Things Swimming Lessons, and some other stuff.

First off, though, we had our first official service as Anthem Church!  We've been having house church services each week, but 'church in the park' was our first official public service.  It was so fun!  It was also outrageously hot.  Holy cow.  Next time we plant a church in Missouri in July in the middle of a heat wave, I need to make a mental note to bring handheld fans and also human-sized tubs of ice.  Dang.

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(Can you feel the heat just rippling off that photo above?  I'm pretty sure Todd's phone melted while taking this picture.)

Rocco sat at the table to eat with us for the first time this week.  He's had little bites of food here and there, but this was the first time sitting with us at mealtime.  He had a few little bits of hamburger on his tray, and a few more bits in his little whatever-that-chewy-thing-is.  Even with a stretch of the imagination, he was only moderately impressed.  He seriously could not care less about food at this point.

On Monday, the kids started swimming lessons, which has taken most of our week.  The big two are old pro's at this, but it is Finneas' first year doing lessons, and he took some convincing.  He spent a lot of time crying and asking to get out of the pool.  Then, all of a sudden, at the end of Tuesday's lesson, he got out, screaming, "I LOVE THE WATER! SWIMMING LESSONS ARE SO FUN!"  I have no idea what changed his mind, but I have a feeling it has something to do with the crazy goggles the teacher lent him.

Not sure about the water yet.

Still not sure.

The little kids had a decent time sitting and watching.

And Finneas made fast friends with a kid in his class (once he realized the kid in his class had permission to play games on his mom's iPhone).

Laurelai has also started developing an interest in swimming, so yesterday we went a half an hour early so we could play in the baby pool for a bit before lessons started.  She had a blast!  I don't have pictures yet, but I'll get some next week.  She is adorable splashing around in the water.

That has been the story of the week: we head out after breakfast for lessons, and get home shortly before lunch. And then there was yesterday.

We got home about 12:30.  I nursed Rocco and laid him down for nap, and about 10 minutes later, there was a knock on my door.  A young college girl was going door-to-door, doing Kirby vacuum demonstrations, and told me she had to do three in a day before she could call it quits for the afternoon.  She asked if she could do a quick demo by cleaning one item in my house, so to be nice, I told her she could clean the couch.  (Twist my arm.)  At which point, she called the rest of her team to 'come help.'  Which meant two guys drove up in a Suburban, one of the guys got out and stayed, and the girl got in and left.  So then this college guy stayed for FOUR HOURS cleaning my house. 

My kids didn't get lunch (I couldn't leave the room to make it for them) or take naps (I couldn't leave the room to lay them down).  He started his 'demonstration' by covering my couch in foam soap to 'pretreat,' then he proceeded to clean basically everything I own: floors, carpet, rugs, chairs, throw pillows, drapes, even the inside of my piano.  I felt bad asking him to leave (I know, I know, I know.  I hear your exasperated comments through the screen right now, Mom); plus, my couch was covered in foam that only he was equipped to remove.  The whole scenario was dumb and stressful and exhausting.  Lesson learned: DON'T BE AN IDIOT, PAIGE VAN VOORST.  Also, lesson learned by the Kirby Vacuum Salesmen: Don't try to manipulate Todd Van Voorst's wife into buying something out of pure exhaustion unless you want an all-out reaming from Todd Van Voorst.  I don't think those guys will ever be the same.  I love Todd for myriad reasons, but not low on the list is his ability to finally get those people out of my house.

However, the Kirby did do its job.  Annnnd that is a disgusting amount of dirt.

And that was my week.  Please be praying for me, as I'm clearly a moron and I need the prayers.


lauren said...

the swimming lessons look so fun! and I am not okay with the bait and switch that vacuum girl pulled. you agreed for her to come in, not some random guy in an suv. what was their deal?

YAYA said...

Totally agree with Lauren!!! Did he get the almost 8 years and 5 kids worth of baby barf off of the couch?

todd said...

door to door sale people are just the worst

Emily said...

I fell for having our basement carpet cleaned by a Kirby guy this summer. Lesson learned. I was going to go upstairs and do things I needed to do and he was like "oh, you have to watch the demonstration." Oh.

Danielle Tiarks said...

A kirby salesman came to our house when I was attempting to vacuum our porch before moving. (Attempting = it spits out more dirt than it sucks in) He came and cleaned my thick shag 8x10 rug that i was planning on trashing because it hadn't been properly vacuumed in 2 years. It sucked having them there for 2 hours, but dan-gum. My rug looked brand new and it was FABULOUS! Of course, I didn't buy the vacuum, but they offered a trade for Jordan's (my then boyfriend) truck out front. Um, hello. I don't think you realize the DEAL you just offered me. Also, we had a newbie and he vacuumed while I went somewhere else.

Roberta Smith said...

Ohh my.. we had a Kirby salesmen once and he would not leave!!! We didn't have kids yet, it's was after 10 pm on a Friday night and he would not leave until we made a purchase. Really he would not, so Monday we called the company and returned the very expensive vacuum that took up our child less friday night. It was not a good experience. We now never let Kirby into the house. Even after saying we could win $50 gas card, a vacation, or some awesome something it's just not worth it.