'what's up' weekly

just a warning, all of this week's photos were taken after dark because it is iowa in january and everything always is after dark.

for years, we lived without a working vacuum. (remember when that guy stole our vacuum out of our apartment and took it apart and then gave it back, but it never worked right again?) it was basically fine while we lived in story city, since i had a dustbuster and there was hardwood throughout the entire house and we didn't have a ton of area rugs.

but then we moved here, and although we pulled the carpet up on the main floor, there's still carpeting upstairs, and the rug i chose for the living room requires the same level of maintenance as a really, really, really hairy child.  so i'd been complaining mentioning in passing that i needed a new vacuum.  so, being the awesome, attentive husband that he is, todd got me a superduper nice one for christmas.

i'm not kidding, this thing is legit.  it's too legit to quit.  i have to keep finneas away because i'm pretty sure it would suck him up whole.  (maybe i should try it sometime; i'd bet he'd be easier to take care of in that canister.  i could just vacuum up some pretzels when he got hungry.  it's a thought, anyway.)

but anyway, bragging on my super awesome new vacuum was not the (only) point of mentioning that.  atticus was also stoked for our new addition, if only for this reason:

in other news, i've got a blogging buddy.

on monday nights, we host connection group at our house.  the kids get to stay up late and watch a movie. here's an inside peek into connection group prep, for those of you dying to see:

and this week, todd has instated Wrasslemania.  it's a scheduled event in the van voorst house.  

and in the name of 'the bigger picture,' i'll tell you a little story that i feel like i may have already told you, but i'm senile so humor me.  once, when i was in middle school, i found one of those japanese beetle things in my room in the winter.  i was super grossed out (naturally, since i was a middle school girl and tended toward the unnecessarily dramatic), but i also didn't want to kill it (again, i was a middle school girl).  so i did what i thought best: i opened my window to release it into the wild.  i was all, 'be free, tiny beetle!'  but it wouldn't fly from  my hand, so i gave it a little nudge onto the roof outside my window.  

it attempted to take one small step for beetles, and froze solid, mid-step.

and in that-story-relates-to-reality news, we stayed inside on monday instead of venturing out, and therefore did not find ourselves frozen solid in the name of good intentions.  and i would say that's the biggest 'win' of the week.


todd said...

i like the "win of the week" motif.

i'd like to see more of that.

Anonymous said...

A new vacuum = true love!