laurelai at four months

whoa, nelly.  she's four months old already.  are you as paralyzed with the shock of that as i am?  probs not.

here's what girlfriend is up to:

*smiling like a maniac.
*laughing occasionally.
*loving to stand and jump around; jump, jump, jump around.
*eating every two hours or so during the day, and waking up one or two times a night.
*rolling from tummy to back.
*kicking her legs during tummy time like she's channeling michael phelps (pre-drug scandal, of course.)
*sticking her tongue out.
*wiggling right out of her pants.

i took her to the doctor yesterday for her well check, which may or may not have been a mistake.  penelope's first year was super traumatizing with growth issues and constant weight checks and blood testing and nursing drama.  as a result, i didn't even take finneas to any of his well checks after his two-week check up.  i figured it would be different this time around, but no... laurelai is, like all of my kids, tracking around the first percentile for weight and now everyone's in a tizzy.  i've been instructed to bottlefeed, breastfeed, AND pump at each and every feeding, in addition to waking her up every three hours to eat in the middle of the night.  

and i'm all like, hey ladydoctor.  this is just how van voorst babies be.  they're tiny and skeletal and healthy and there's no way on god's good green earth that i'm going to start waking her up in the night.  plus, i have three other kids so a whole it-takes-an-hour feeding plan doesn't seem feasible.

but then i'm like, am i just being proud? what's really best for laurelai?  can i make this work?

so, i don't know.

she's tiny, but cute-tiny, and i love every non-pound of her with every pound of myself.  (maybe that's why i've been weighing more lately - more parts of me to love her with?  well, now i'm just grasping.)

i don't know what will happen, but in the meantime here are her stats:

10 lbs even (1st percentile)
24.5 inches long (50th percentile)
gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.


todd said...

what she lacks in weight she makes up in woohoo!

lauren said...

prettiest baby I've ever seen. there are a whole lot a really cute babies. and beautiful babies even. but she's the prettiest. the most darling. gold medals for you and todd.

the doctor lady is just jealous.

Amanda Cushman said...

Good gravy that's a cute baby!

Our life in pictures said...

I say you're her mommy and you know what she needs.....and if they can't tell you all are just lil things, well....that's their lack of noticing. I think she looks healthy and adorbs :)