bye bye beardy.

so, remember way back at the beginning of november when i mentioned that todd was growing out his beard?  well, it's been a-growin' and growin' and growin' since then.  (the 'w' on my keyboard is sticking, so that last sentence involved a lot of 'groin' there for a little while.  but problem resolved.  you're elcome.)

anyway, he can (apparently) grow a really intense beard.  as of new year's night, this is what we were working with:

yes, he is wearing a shirt that says 'unleash the beast.'  i know you're not exactly sure what's happening to you right now, but between the beard and the novelty tshirt, your eyes are being attacked by pure, unbridled manliness.  that's a lot for your poor little eyes to take without due warning.  i apologize.  scroll down a bit and take a breather.  it's all going to be okay.

so, back to the point of this post:  he shaved it off.  yes.  as much as he loved it (and he did love it - he had gotten into the habit of stroking it and combing it and pondering with it.  i think i even heard him singing it to sleep once, but i can't be sure), i did not so much love it.  i mean, he did a good job with it - he kept his mustache trimmed, so it wasn't all long and in his mouth, or (worse? i don't know) parted down the middle.  he kept it clean.  he used a baby hairbrush to keep it in order and give it a bit of a smooth, glistening look.  

but i just couldn't get past the reality of all that hair.  plus, i hate neckbeards.  and because todd hates (what he considers) 'metrosexual' beards where the boundaries of said beards are manicured, there was plenty o' neckbeard happening.

so out of his great love for me (which barely beats out his love for his crazy beard, which if i have not mentioned before, i have just now named Leif Erikson), he shaved it off.  but not before backcombing it.

yepper.  that really happened.

then old-timey-circus-caller-'stache showed up.

then he scooped it up and mourned his loss.

j/k! nbd!

and there's that precious husband i adore!


todd said...


the jersk. said...

josh officially is mourning the loss of such a glorious beard. his condolences. (and my congratulations to the wife for a clean-shaven husband! josh tried once and it was weird. he looked like a baby so we decided it was best to let him cover up all that baby skin with a sweet man-beard.)

Kathryn said...

I'm chuckling. You found something fun to do indoors with all this cold! And Todd was longsuffering to let you post this. :-)

Mike Neese said...

Hey, save me some of that beard hair for my toupee !

todd said...

Yeah, beard hats are all this season’s rave!

todd said...

or rage.
either way.