it's a christmas shame.

i've been big into confessing deep, dark stuff to you guys lately, and today is no different: i still have half-wonky christmas decorations up/around.

it would be one thing if my tree was still up and decorated all cute-like, or if our stockings were still hung with care.  instead, my stuff is still all over, but it's looking super sad.  case in point(settia):

how sad is that?! (and in case you're wondering, no, i clearly didn't pick up my house for any of these photos.  the name of the game is authenticity, right?)

okay, exhibit B:

first off, this is a super blurry photo, but it's the only one i took from this angle.  consider it artsy and go with me.  for christmas, i moved the couch along this wall and moved the console table into the dining room.  the couch has since returned to its proper home, but the wall art is still sideways (moved to fit over the couch) and the console table is still ten feet away in the dining room.

exhibit C:

lonely silver candlesticks that used to flank a nativity set on my kitchen windowsill.  the nativity has been packed up, but the candlesticks are still standing sentry.  why?  because i'm only half lazy.

exhibit D:

our sad, sad, corpse of a christmas tree, left to languish in the elements because i cannot seem to make my way a mile up the road to the hardware store to buy a tree tag so that it can be hauled away.  so here it fell, and here it shall rest indefinitely.  sorry, little billy junior.  (it's that little lump you see to the right of the middle of this photo, in case you're trying to get your bearings.)

and lastly, exhibit...whatever letter comes after the previous letter i mentioned (see? half lazy. i'd rather type all of this extra junkalunk than scroll a bit upward to find out where i'm at in the lineup.  lazy enough to not want to scroll, not lazy enough to not want to type.)

so, there was this time that i wanted to buy a red berry wreath for the door.  (how cute would red look next to that turquoise?!)  but then i got to hobby lobby too late in the season and they were all sold out, so i stuck this $5 fake-o evergreen one out instead and i never really liked it, but all i have in the basement to use instead are a bright yellow spring wreath, an orange fall wreath, and a wreath made out of book pages, none of which seem appropriate (or, in the last case, sturdy) so i just have kept that one out there because it's slightly better than nothing.  i'll have to come up with something soon, though, because a naked turquoise door seems like a bit of a floozy, don't you think?  all garish and obvious and HEY LOOK AT ME BUT ALSO I'M NAKED!  so i need a wreath.  just not this one.

and back to the point of this blog, other things i didn't get around to photographing are the christmas ornaments that are still waiting on the stairs to be taken up to our closet for storage, but i just never happen to see them as i'm headed upstairs, as well as the tree stand, which is literally five feet away from where it belongs long-term, but i just can't force myself to do the dirty work of putting it away.

please tell me i'm not alone in wonkadonkchristmastownforlazyfolks?


the jersk. said...

hey man, i'm with you. my christmas tree is definitely still up and i started taking decorations down and all the farther i got was piling a few things *next* to the rubbermaid tub i drug out. le shrug.
for me, my house was definitely cuter when it was christmas and i haven't really figured out how to cutesy it up for spring yet that isn't all LEMONS CITRUS PLANTS PLANTS PLANTS since ... well, since it's january and not spring.

whatevs. i like your house.

Danielle said...

Emma took her ornaments off the tree, so our 7 foot fake tree still has splotches of ornaments (all Jodi's), and we've got scattered Christmas decorations everywhere (including 2 stockings hanging on one hook above the fireplace).

However, I finally took down my 5 foot tree on our porch last night and un-garland-ed our doorways. Seems considerably less festive, but Emma and I suspect that the big tree in the dining room will remain until late March. :)

todd said...

Nothing says, “Christmas!” like, “Is it still Christmas?”

Jessica said...

Right there with you...I've made no attempt to change anything, other than frame some "lovey" cards for V-Day. I have not put my advent wreath away, my Nativity (I just got it out on the 23rd, so you know, why not enjoy it?), or taken down the 'tree' we constructed out of white lights in our front window. But, I haven't turned on the tree either, since Jan. 2 - so it's just a green wire/duct tape outline for the neighborhood to enjoy. :)

The Crislers said...

Just tell everyone you like to take your time celebrating Epiphany. It will have the two-fold benefit of making people feel ignorant and make them think they're less Jesus-ey than you, and isn't that what Christianity is all about, anyway?