the weekly 'what's up.'

my activity this week can be summed up in two words: Harry.  Potter.

call me a weirdo for being a twenty-seven-year-old mom-of-four who's all, ohmywordharryyyyyyypotterrrrrrr!  also, call me a weirdo for just now having read them, considering the first one was published - dare i say it - over fifteen years ago.  i'm more than a little late on the bandwagon.  but on the bandwagon i am, friends.  i started reading the first one last wednesday.  i am now a quarter of the way through the fourth book.  you do the math.  (i'd do it, but i'm too busy calculating the current quidditch score and there is no more room for numbers in my head.  harryyyyypotterrrrrr!)


other things that have happened whilst i've been too busy reading to notice:

todd went to the dentist and, surprisingly, doesn't need a root canal.  the dentist thinks he can resurrect the shards (just typed 'sharts.'  whoops.  that's not correct.) into a semblance of a tooth!  i feel about $600 richer than i did the morning before he left.  it's a good feeling. 

as an aside, here's a fun fact about the van voorsts:  todd doesn't have a single entirely-real tooth.  they're all filled, made of porcelain, or made of GOLD.  gold teeth!  in fact, his six front teeth are fakes.  i, on the other hand, have nary even a cavity.  however, i have a dead tooth in front from where atticus head-butted me as a toddler, and i have worn braces and a headgear and a gum bandage and a retainer and then more braces and the another gum bandage and then another retainer since i was around seven.  you win some, you lose some.  and in the game of genetics roulette, i think our kids will probably lose some and then lose some more.

in atticus news, this week he has been pursuing a career as a sword-wielding preacher, and todd and i couldn't be happier.  you bring that word of truth, son!

he made this pulpit by pulling apart a baby bed.  nothing if not resourceful.

all the boys got haircuts and are looking freshly-shorn and dapper.  handsome dans.  (handsome den?)

todd got his first picture with all four of the kids (it's surprisingly difficult!):

with the oil painting of my mom presiding over the photo.  just to be clear, that is not a current picture of my mom.

and as a throwback, i was sorting through last years pictures yesterday, and came across this one of penelope, wearing finn's coat, taken last january:

and to that, finneas says:


have a happy friday, nerds!


the jersk. said...

i love this so much. so harry potter's a decent read, eh? i'd be interested if i ... was interested haha. and if i wouldn't get kicked out of my house for bring such SORCERY AND BLAH BLAH EVIL BLAH BLAH into the house. hazards of living with other people.

Heather said...

Ohhh, Harry! Darling boy. They just keep getting better as you progress through the series, with #7 being my very favorite of all. Have Kleenex at the ready.

Your kids could not be cuter. That cradle-turned-pulpit is the bomb.

Danielle said...

Oh my word, how Atticus looks like the boy from A Christmas Story! He totally needs a red rider bb gun for Christmas. Please do it...

Your kids are gorgeous, even if they will be toothless in 20 years. :)

todd said...


genetics roulettastic!

i love Atticus' pulpit.
so much fun to walk into their room and seeing him (sword at his side) preaching to his sister on the pulpit he made with his bare hands.

he's already leaps and bounds manlier than i've ever been.

The Crislers said...

I re-read the HP series every fall because HARRY POTTER. I knew you would love them. You just had to.

Atticus with his homemade pulpit? Best pic ever.

todd said...



Atticus and his two swords routine is probably one of the best things I've EVA SEEN.