what's to the up to the weekly.

sup, ballers?

this week was pretty uneventful, which is pretty okie dokie by me. 

i got to be a bystander in an 'arts' meeting for our church and am pretty sure i'm entirely out of my league.  any tips on how to be artsy, other than actually, you know, developing any artistic skill?  i'm waffling between getting a bicep tat and only wearing blazers i bought at an estate sale.  maybe i should do both, but i feel like the blazer would cover up my tat.  should i go sleeveless with the blazer?  i just never know with these things.  oh, nevermind; i'm pretty sure everyone could tell i'd just be a poser that was trying to 'be artsy,'  and that's, like, way lame.  (how long has it been since you heard 'poser'?  how about 'wannabe?'  I'M AN ARTS WANNABE!  wow, that was cathartic.)


what else?

i cooked two full pounds of bacon yesterday.  jealous much?

todd and i started listening to rap.  we're legit.

i made some ham and bean soup last night, but used black beans, forgetting that they'd totally turn the broth black.  it was tasty, but it looked like sludge.  delish.

i've been trying to go without coffee and pop this month.  which turned into 'black coffee only and pop only when we go out to eat.'  but then i drank some pepsi we randomly had in the fridge.  also, i loaded up my coffee with creamer yesterday.  i think this shows two things: one, i rely heavily on the promise that god's mercies are new every morning, and two, i have no self control.  this is problematic.  (i think it also shows that i'm better off not keeping this stuff in the house.  it only enables me.)

penelope is getting over croup, and also got resourceful this week:

and laurelai proved that a bow on a cute baby will always distract your attention from the booger in said baby's nose.  for the better.

in other laur news, i'm trying to bulk her up by feeding her every hour or so.  ideal? no.  working? maybe.  we'll see at her weight check at the end of the month.  but she continues to be super alert, happy, easygoing, and an all around champ, which is what counts, right?

and lastly, tomorrow i will be celebrating 10 years - to the day - of being a christ follower.  so, ten years ago today, i was walking in darkness and sin and just doing whatever the crap i felt like and knowing that there had to be something more to all this than what my life was pointed toward.  and here i am, ten years later, totally changed by the staggering, shocking good news that god loved me enough to pay the price to bring me back to himself.  that my sin really was as bad as i suspected, and that i couldn't make up the spiritual deficit of by any amount of good effort on my own part.  but god himself came down, took my sin, gave me his righteousness, and secured for me a favored spot in the sight of god the father.  and not because i deserved it or was somehow at all awesome, but because god is just that stinking good.

and if that isn't the best news there ever could be, my whole life is a sham.

it says in scripture that there is rejoicing in heaven when one lost sinner repents, and i'm excited to celebrate with the angels tomorrow that god has been so, so good to me.


todd said...

count me for the celebration!

or should i say based on our listening habits lately: i'm down wit dat yo.


i shouldn't have said that.

i'm such a wannabe poser.

the jersk. said...

ten years! that's crazy! i feel like i remember you telling me that you were "now a christian!" and then i'm pretty sure from this point on it solidified our bestie-ness, as if abandoning anatomy so we didn't have to dissect cats wasn't enough glue for our friendship.
well congrats and hooray!
and what rap are ya'll listening to now? i need some new stuffs to get stuck in my head.

and i'm actually more thrown-back by the word 'baller' than i am 'poser'. but whatevs.

todd said...

@the jersk

Derek Minor
Andy Mineo
116 Clique
Trip Lee

What time is it?
Baller time!

Meagan said...

That has to be one of the cutest babies ever. Also, Happy 10th Rebirthday. That gave me chills. I love Jesus. Your posts have been an incredible encouragement to me. Thank you. :) ~~Meagan Beal Hopp