girlfriend got the giggles.

the other day after church, laurelai busted into her first laughing fit.  i mean, she's laughed before when i tickle her neck or something, but she's never had 'the giggles.'  and the weird part?  she was laughing in response to the kids falling down and/or charging her and growling.  babies pick the weirdest things to laugh at.  (i remember that atticus' first real fit of laughter happened when todd sang the A-Team theme song to him nonstop one night.)

(skip to 0:58 to get to the really juicy stuff.)

okay, to recap, when the kids did this...:

...this happened:

but, when todd tried 'rawr'ing at her, the Baby of A Thousand Expressions (as dubbed by a friend) went all:

some jobs are best left to the pros.


the jersk. said...

this is making me very excited to have children.
you should re post that video of penelope when she'd get all frowny at the "mmmm" noise haha. i loved that. and the yogurt eating sans pants.

Amanda Cushman said...

Your kids the cutest! Baby giggles were the perfect start to my day. :) Thank you for that!

todd said...

Remember how in “The Lion King” you laughed when baby Simba tried to roar? Remember who you trembled with fear when Mufasa roared? Same thing. I’m Mufasa. Atticus is Simba. Penelope is Wall-E. Finneas is ‘Mater and wait….