'what's the haps.' weekly.

the week actually started off on a pretty good foot.  my tiniest kid turned seven months on saturday, and i can't believe it!  he's getting so big.

then, the answer to many prayers came my way:  the curtains i had been eyeballing went on sale, AND i got a coupon in my email for an additional 25% off... so i could finally afford to pick up seven panels of these lovely ladies for my living room and entryway:

so we took the fam down to world market saturday morning to grab them up.  now i just have to save up for curtain rods, so they're not hung yet.  but they're here and they're fantabulous.  the trip to world market was fun, but it's exhausting trying to keep small hands and feet from breaking and/or pilfering every.last.thing. in the store. 

also, speaking of curtains, i finally finagled a $.99 solution for our bathroom shade, so it's no longer taped to the window like a hillbilly curtain.  it involves a wooden dowel from hobby lobby, an upholstery tack, some safety pins, and a stray cup hook i found in my tool purse (yes, it's a tool purse: it's purple and it's 'do it herself' brand).  so my new curtain rod dowel is actually pretty decent-looking, even though in reality it's pretty backwoods and wonky.  what can i say?  i like my curtains like i like my britney.

todd caught this little gem of reality on film:

this crazy bird kept trying to attack a moth that was stuck between our window and our storm window.  it was the most intense thing i've ever seen in my life.

and penelope's hair managed...this:

some lady down the street has started purging a bunch of antiques and leaving them on her lawn, free for the taking.  so far i've grabbed up a solid wood antique bedframe, a huge mirror, a bunch of vintage books, including one named "all aboard for HEALTH," some old drawers that i think i'll mount on the walls as shelves, and more.  have i said before how much i love living here?!

then things kind of went downhill.  finneas' new favorite feeding schedule (getting up two to three times a night to eat) has started wearing on me, and the pain in my ankles eventually got so bad that they were all swollen and my left leg was going numb and my whole body was shaking.  long story short, i had a bunch of xrays taken while my kids were supervised by a stranger and my left foot is now splinted for the next two to four weeks.  awesome.

to be honest, i've been struggling a lot with self-pity this week because of my stupid ankle.  how am i supposed to do my job if i can't walk or stand?  this whole all-day-every-day, no-sick-days-and-no-schlepping-around aspect of stay-at-home momming has seemed like a major bummer this week. 

so let's raise our glass to next week, with the hopes of a healed ankle, more sleep, and that lady down the street leaving some oil-rubbed bronze curtain rods on her front lawn for me to take home with me.

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whenjeskasparks said...

i love you and i'll be praying for you. lots of rest (physical and the rest) for your beautiful, tired momma heart.