the weekly 'what's up.'

last weekend, we headed up to visit todd's parents.  we left thursday after todd got off work and arrived around 11:30 pm.  we ventured home after dinner on saturday and got back around 11:30.  guess which two of the five of us had no desire to sleep in the car?  if you guessed the big kids, you get a superstar sticker.

while we were up there, we got our family photos taken, which means two things:  one, i had to finally deal with the highlights that started somewhere down by my ears, so i dyed my hair; and two, we got to see some wonderful old friends (well, wonderful late-twenties friends) and their brand new munchkin.  they did our family photos last year and were gracious enough to take them this year as well.

finneas got a new hat, which makes him look teeny tiny and super adorable, so a gratuitous number of photos was taken.

atticus moved into 4T clothing, and also sent this audition photo to seal team six:

for todd's birthday, we made grilled cheese and spaghetti-o's, per his request, and painted/carved pumpkins like we have done every year for his birthday since we met.  this was year eight!  i'll have more on it next week, but i'll just say the kids were fans:

and finally, the kids had eye doctor appointments and what we had suspected was confirmed:  atticus needs glasses as well.  his left eye had started to go a little lazy (like penelope's did last october), and they took a look and said he is very far-sighted and has an astigmatism.  so we'll be getting his glasses in sometime next week or the following.  i'm pretty sad about it, but obviously the most important thing is that he's able to see, so i'm trying not to think too hard about it that: a) his pretty eyes will be covered up and b) we apparently are failures when it comes to procreating working eyeballs.

that's what's up over here.


todd said...

the eyes have it.

eye can see why.

eye'm sorry.

Our life in pictures said...

I think glasses ATTRACT attention to your eyes! So now EVERYONE will notice his beautiful eyes!

Our life in pictures said...
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