the weekly 'what's up.' blaaaaaaargh.

this week has just draaaagggged on.  probably because i've been totally unmotivated all week, so i haven't been doing much of anything other than eating sunflower seeds.  and i don't have a picture of that.  so this week's post is sparse.

i have completed two weeks of my six-week fitness challenge.  it's super uncomplicated, just three days of cardio (20 minutes) and two days of strength training a week.  i've also had to give up refined sugar and start eating breakfast.  so i've been diligent and dedicated and (mostly) self-controlled.  and what do i have to show for it?  i've gained two pounds and sprained my ankle.  life sucks.

i baked a perfect loaf of bread, which todd promptly named The Perfect Loaf and gave the catchphrase, 'need some perfect bread? i've got you loafin' covered.'  i'm not exaggerating when i tell you that this really was, in fact, THE perfect loaf of bread.  they could probably have used it as a movie prop in a film about jesus if i hadn't gorged myself on the entire loaf already. 

penelope is pretty much completely potty trained at this point, which is awesome, and prefers to pee in the 'big girlboy potty' rather than the training potty.  she still waits until she's in a diaper during naptime to poop, but still.  i can handle changing one diaper a day.  (not counting finneas'.  or the diapers that penelope and atticus wear overnight.  sigh.  so many diapers.)

and finneas is consistently mobile now, even when confined in his sleep sack.  his favorite new activity is slithering his way into the entryway and puking on the rug.  also, he's been sitting like a champ.  i guess he's basically an adult now; i should probably teach him how to make a really good pot roast and consider my parenting responsibilities fully met.

don't even ask what he's wearing in these photos.  my kids are always mismatched or half-dressed if they're dressed at all.  most of the time they just stay in their jammies until they need new jammies for whatever reason. 

anyone have a more boring/unproductive week than i did?


The Crislers said...

"His favorite new activity is slithering his way into the entryway and puking on the rug." I literally laughed out loud when I read that.

Amanda Cushman said...

I second that last comment! Love the photos too. He is so stinkin cute!!