finneas at seven months.

finneas turned seven months on the sixth (i'm getting worse and worse at posting these on time). 

weight: 15.2 pounds (2nd percentile)
length: 28 inches (73rd percentile)

he finally started gaining some weight and length, which was a relief to see, although he's still only in the second percentile for weight, which is somewhat discouraging.  i have to keep telling myself that it's just how our babies grow: long and lean.  but after all the growth issues that penelope had at his age, and eventually having to give up nursing because of it, i'm kind of helicopter-momming his growth in hopes that we won't have to resort to that.  (not that it helped with either of the other kids: both were on formula by the time they turned a year, and they were both still only in the fourth percentile at that point anyway.  so i try to comfort myself with that.)

lots happened this month:  he cut two more teeth on top, which brings his grand total to six; he's fully mobile and capable of sitting up.  he's eating more and more table foods and he loves meat.  (but he loves all of it, really, so that's not really saying much.)

he has started waking up a few times a night to eat, which has been tiring, but if it helps my milk supply stay strong, i'm up for it.

he's still in 3-6 month clothing, but he's starting to get a little long for his onesies, so maybe within the next month we'll move him up a size.

so that's where we're at!  i'm loving this stage - i had totally forgotten, but with the other two i felt like this was the point where it really got fun, and the same is true with finn.  he's starting to develop his own little personality, and to interact with the bigger kids and with todd and me.  as soon as he sees todd bust out the camera, he puts on his cheesiest grin or chomps his teeth together all crazy-like.  he's more interested in toys and wanting to be where the action is.  this is such a sweet time, where he's starting to become his own little independent person, but before he is capable of defiance or naughtiness.  seriously one of my favorite stages.

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