most days i plan out what i'm going to post about before i even sit down to write.  i usually write in advance and then schedule the blog to post on the right day.  in other words, i'm usually somewhat organized about this whole blogging thing.  well, it's currently 6:30 a.m. and this is the first i'm even thinking about today's blog post.  so this could get interesting.  or, more realistically, really really NOT interesting.

finneas has been waking up a couple times a night to eat's frustrating and confusing and exhausting.  it makes me worry that our nursing days are coming to an end.  i just don't think he's getting enough to eat.  and i've prayed with each kid that i'd be able to nurse for a full year, but the seven month mark with atticus was when i got pregnant with penelope and my supply really dropped off, and the seven month mark with penelope was when i had to give up nursing entirely because she wasn't growing.  so here we are at the seven month mark with finneas, and i'm dealing with the prospect of having to quit nursing again, which is really emotional.

um, what else?  oh yeah.  i diagnosed myself (with help from the internet, not a medical professional) with tendonitis in both ankles.  i can barely walk or sit or sleep because of the pain, i have at least one sobbing episode a day, my ankles have swelled up and disappeared into my calves, and i'm cranky and complaining and somewhat homicidal all the time. 

and...let's end on something cheery, shall we?  let me think... oh yeah, after a week and a half of worrying and wondering, i'm now fairly confident that the neighbor lady isn't dead.


Anonymous said...

I have been there with breast feeding. I have never made it to a year. Cooper was the longest breast fed and got breast milk the longest. Praying it just teething or a growth spurt! I know the anxiety it can cause and the disappointment. But you are great!

And why can't our boobs be as amazing as other peoples?

todd said...

thank you for the hard work you do at home. i hear your boss is a nice guy, but the people over whom you are in charge are pretty childish.

i am praying for you, your feet, your milk supply, finneas, atticus, penelope and our marriage today because i care about all of those things and know that they are all under God's authority and care.