possumbly the grossest thing ever. (PUNS!)

yesterday morning, todd was up while it was still dark and was reading his bible when the house was still all quiet...and then he heard something.  in the house.  he got a little freaked, listened some more, and heard it again.  it was like a rattling in the kitchen.  is your adrenaline pumping yet?

so instead of doing what i would do (namely, running away and/or calling the cops) he decided to see what was making the noise.  so he walked into the kitchen, looked over by the sliding door...and...

right outside our door on the deck was a nasty giant oppossum, eating out of my compost bowl.  DIS.GUST.ING.

i had been half-wondering if i wasn't feeding stray cats by leaving it out on the porch (i don't like having it in the house because it stinks and gets fruit flies, but i'm too lazy to run stuff to the compost pile multiple times a day.)  but i never thought i would be feeding the neighborhood tree badgers.  sick.

so todd took care of the problem by kicking at the glass, not even fazing it, and then leaving it there to scrounge.  the end.


butwehavethistreasure said... I don't think they exist.

The Crislers said...

You know, I was recently given a bunch of old family recipes on index cards, and one of them was for, I kid you not, Possum With Gravy. Just in case you guys want to get way Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Hannah said...

I think some people use an icecream bucket with the lid on to store the compost. The smell stays inside except for when you open it, and you can take it out as often as you are able - or until it is too full!