i'd call it 'ice road cajun couch wars: yawn on and get your pawn on.'

so, like i've mentioned, i have tendonitis in both my ankles, and i can't tell you how embarrassing it is to have to explain to people why i now can't stay upright in boots, or why i've been having to descend the stairs backwards.  it usually goes something like this: 'oh, well, i decided i would try to get in shape, so i started running on the treadmill for twenty minutes a day, three times a week, and about a week and a half into it, i busted up my ankles so bad i could hardly walk.  and here we are.  and i haven't exercised since.  the end.'

todd tried comforting me by saying, 'some people are runners, and some people are sitters, and i think you're just a sitter.'  as pithy as that one-liner was, it's more depressing than uplifting that i'm created to be couch sludge.  but i suspect he may be right.  whaamp whaamp.

maybe i'll make myself feel better by writing up a pitch for the history channel for a reality-career show about life as a stay-at-home mom who sometimes can't, usually won't, leave the couch for any reason whatsoever.  they could play adrenaline-heightening music as i noodle on how to get the mail, and relieved-sounding music once i (whew) figure out the perfect flip of the wrist that allows me to chuck pretzels directly from the bag into the kids' mouths from half a room away.

are you kidding?! i'd watch that show.  because i'm already sitting here, after all.

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todd said...

you may be just a couch potato to some, but to me you are a hot potato.


i'm sorry.

even now i could delete this and not push "publish your comment."