the toe socks themselves are surprisingly not the grossest element of this photo.

the other night, todd was searching on amazon for toe socks.  (why was he internet shopping for toe socks?  he's a van voorst, that's why, and that's the kind of crap we do late at night.)  and the heavens parted and the angels started sousa-ing it up on their trumpets and his toes actually started salivating at the discovery of the. perfect. pair.  in all of their ankle-cut, spandex-shot, sweat-wicking glory.  yes, the sample photo socks were pink, but ooh, the black...  his feet were already having a dance party at the mere thought of slipping on a pair of these bad boys.

but then, he looked a little closer at the sample picture...

...and was all, wait one cotton pickin' minute... let me zoom in on that...


yepper.   that right there is one stubbly toe-sock-model leg.   what strikes me about this is that some girl got paid to do this photo.  man, i wish someone would pay me to not shave my legs.  i could stop dancing in the street for nickels, that's for sure.

good luck relaxing your gag reflex enough to finish that cup of coffee and donut that were the only bright things in your life this monday morning.  i'm mostly not sorry for starting your week (and month!) off this way.


whenjeskasparks said...

i vote those are man-feet. or man-foot, rather. those toes are just a biiiiit too manish. so, who could blame the poor chap at a crap shave job?

also. toe socks are yuckyuck.

also also. i like waiting to sleep until past midnight so i can see your queued (HARDEST WORD TO SPELL EVER.) posts.

todd said...

is it made better or worse that i was looking for toes socks to go inside toe shoes?

Danielle said...

Better. Toe shoe sans toe socks smells are pretty stench. Anyone who has experienced such can vouch for this fact. Good luck with your toe sock searching endeavor, Todd!