on this cheery note...

ugh.  i have no motivation.  none.

it's become one of those seasons where i'm stir crazy and cabin feverish and unproductive and short-fused.  mothering is hard work.  sometimes i wish i could plop my kids in daycare, and stay home and watch soaps in my fat pants like stay-at-home-moms are notorious for doing.  except in reality, the only way stay-at-home-momming is relaxing is if you're not actually momming while you're staying at home.  or so i assume;  i'm never relaxed and i'm always momming, so it seems like a logical conclusion.

i have mountains of laundry and dishes and dust and bathroom crud and yard mess to conquer, but it is fall, the time of year when i switch out tank tops for sweaters and productivity for sluggishness.  i could go in the freezing cold basement to sort the kids' clothes into storage...but i'd rather sit on my couch listening to gilmore girls, browsing pinterest, and feeling bad about the way i dress.  (well, i wouldn't rather feel bad about the way i dress, but that goes with the territory if i'm spending my time on pinterest.)

so i was trying to see how many things i can get done from the comfort of the butt-shaped indent in my couch.  turns out, not a lot.  but i can blog, so blog i shall.  except for that fact that in addition to no motivation, i have no inspiration - nothing funny, nothing clever, nothing profound to write about.  so here's my little nugget of the day: life sucks when the weather sucks.  (someone should pay me to write christian radio commercials.  i'd be good at it, don't you think?)

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whenjeskasparks said...

you're fantastic. simply fantastic.
in other news: someone on tumblr thought i was legit preggers and gave me kudos for wearing heels whilst "so".
i laughed so hard i almost peed.
it's probably the best thing that's happened to me on the internet.