spring cleaning.

Years (lifetimes?) ago, I was a Spring Cleaner.  Like, hardcore.  I liked spring cleaning so much I did it twice a year, because only doing it in spring just wasn't enough for me.  I'd pull everything out of everywhere - closets, cupboards, shelves - sort things, scrub things, organize things.  I had lists for every room that started up at the top with the light fixtures and ended with the floors, baseboards and air vents.  And then I'd put everything all back in order and feel so good about the state of my life.  Like, if the depths of my house were clean, the depths of my soul felt clean.

That is so far removed from the current state of my life, it's laughable.  I mean, I still 'spring clean,' but the meaning has drastically changed.  Because it's spring, the kids are playing outside more.  Because the kids are playing outside more, they are getting dirtier.  And because they're getting dirtier, my house is a constant pit.

On the bright side, items do stay picked up longer, since the kids aren't inside creating chaos all day, but dang.  We're at the point where I have to take a magic eraser to the streak of grime running down the hallway walls twice a week.  I am that weird lady who magic erasers her walls twice a week.  I mop at least once a week, I scrub the bottom of the tub a few times a week.  I even have to wash the shower curtain on regular basis because it gets MUDDY.  (Not the liner, the actual outside, decorative one.)  HOW DOES A SHOWER CURTAIN GET MUDDY, I ASK YOU.  I'm surprised there's any dirt still left in the yard for them to bring in - it feels like it's already all been brought.

And to clean any of it up feels like that part of The Cat In The Hat Comes Back where they're trying to clean up the pink ring from inside the tub, and then it just transfers itself to the mom's dress, to the walls, to the rug, to the bed, to the snow.  It doesn't go away, it just dirties up the next thing.  I AM the kid in The Cat In the Hat, all panic-stricken and overwhelmed, like WHY WON'T THIS JUST GO AWAY I DON'T UNDERSTAND HELP ME.

So, all that to say, I do not regularly do the classic 'spring clean' anymore.  I'm too busy keeping my house from looking like a scene from a movie about the Dust Bowl to care about scrubbing the contact paper lining my kitchen shelves.  Priorities.

Now.  Off to scrub the same walls again.

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