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This week has like zero photos.  Part of that is because I already showed you photos from our trip to the fire station, and that was basically the only photo-worthy event happening this week, and part of that is because I was busy and tired and over it this week, so the camera hardly ever came out.  So I guess you'll have to just read my writing.  (Or just honestly assess things now as a TL;DR kind of situation.)

Last Friday, we grabbed a picnic lunch and took it over to the gardens at Todd's office building to spend some time with him over his lunch break.  It was beautiful out, the kids had a blast, and I'm really hoping we can start doing that more often.  (Of course I forgot the camera.)

That night, Todd went on a men's retreat with our church, so he was basically gone from the time he left for work Friday morning until around 9:30 Saturday night, and I was on my own with the kids.  I spent Friday afternoon with one of my discipleship gals, and a friend from church dropped by unexpectedly for a while, and we actually got a full day of school in, so by Friday night I was totally wiped out and I just caved and ordered Jimmy John's delivery for dinner. 

On Saturday, some of our really good friends from Cedar Falls came down for a visit, and the girls took me out for lunch.  (And the guys paid my babysitters so I could go out with their wives, so it was amazing.)  It was so good to just be around friends who know me - I'm not sure I realized how much I'd missed that, or even realized how very hard this transition has been over the last year, until given the opportunity to just sit face-to-face with girls who know church planting, and know ministry, and know me, and just talk about what it's been like.  It was so good for me.

They dropped me off at home after lunch, but then both couples came back over in the evening after the kids were in bed so that we could all hang out together once Todd got home from the retreat.  It was so great, just laughing about stupid movie quotes, and talking about serious stuff, and telling dumb jokes, and just being with people who are like us.  Who just 'get' us.  You know what I mean?

On Sunday, the kids still had a cough, so we had to stay home from church, which stunk, since one of our friends was actually teaching that morning.  So I was extra grateful we'd gotten to spend the time together the night before.  The rest of the day was spent laying low.

Monday, we went to the fire station and I vacuumed out the van, which shouldn't warrant its own mention, but it was DISGUSTING and it no longer is, so I feel like bragging rights are earned.

Tuesday was spent getting ready for Connection Group, which was actually combined with two college groups that night, so there were like 25 people crammajammed into our living room.  It was an adventure.  My white rug got christened with a blob of melted chocolate and a near-miss with a full cup of coffee, but I didn't have a stroke about it, and Folex came to the complete rescue.  Thank the good Lord for everything Folex has done in my life.

Wednesday, we went to the Amish and I got together with a new discipleship girl.  And Todd finally had enough of the smell wafting through our house from the milky, wet, rotting carpet on our stairs, so he ripped the carpet out.  We are lining up the basement recarpeting project as we speak, and I wish I could fill you in on all the ways God has been just absolutely astonishing in his provision for all of this.  It's really incredible.

Thursday, we had friends from church over for dinner.

Which brings us to today - and I am so stoked.  My sister and her husband are coming down for the weekend, and they're watching the kids overnight tonight so Todd and I can get a night away for my birthday.  (I will be thirty-one tomorrow and I need a little time away to mourn.) 


BUT.  We'll be eating at an amazing steak place for dinner, and staying in a room with a fireplace, and renting a movie and eating dessert in our pajamas.  Maybe it means we've become those boring people that look forward to eating cheesecake and watching Netflix and going to bed at ten like it's the apex of life, but I'm okay with being those people.  So maybe becoming an old hag has its perks.


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todd said...

you're so anxious to be 31, you are turning it a day early? your birthday is Sunday you forgetful old bag o bones!