i'm literally not crying over spilled milk.

I'm not going to lie to you guys, I'm in rough shape.  Last week, I completely overbooked myself and stretched myself way thin.  I remember thinking, "I'm going to make myself sick if I keep this up."  And here we are.

First of all, the whole family has come down with yet another bug.  We are seriously almost never sick, but this late winter has been brutal.  I feel like it's just one thing after another.  Is anyone else feeling this?  I have been so sick this week - fever, painful chest congestion, sinus headaches.  Add on top of that the fact that I'm approaching the third trimester, and I'm getting huge, and sore, and tired, and still dealing with morning sickness and pregnancy headaches (which get much worse with overexertion), I'm just kind of... in rough shape.

And then there was yesterday.  I was already exhausted from our trip to the Amish.  Call me a pansy, but Wednesdays just wear me out - being gone from home so long, driving so long, carrying SO MUCH heavy milk in heavy glass bottles.  By the time we got home, I was absolutely drained.  So I rested the afternoon away. 

When Todd got home, he went to carry the outrageously heavy cooler to the basement to unload the milk into the downstairs fridge.  While he was on the stairs, the handle on the cooler broke off under the weight, and our glass bottles of milk went tumbling down the stairs.  Five glass bottles shattered into tiny shards all over the stairs, and two and a half gallons of milk saturated the carpet.  And my whole insides went quiet.

It is a strange thing - that's apparently what I needed to snap myself out of the funk.  Even as I was hauling my giant, sore, exhausted body up and down the stairs with the Shop-Vac, I couldn't help but kind of laugh.  I mean...

- "once we get new bottles, I'll have a few extra lids left over from the broken ones, which will save me the stress of having to account for every single lid at every single moment, because I can't afford to ever misplace one."

- "we will definitely need to have the carpet cleaned so the place doesn't reek of milk, and we weren't planning on that expense.  But this came right as we're expecting a tax return, and honestly the carpet could have used a good scrubbing, even without the milk.  It's nice to have a pressing reason to do what needed to be done."

- "I normally vacuum the basement stairs on Tuesdays, but didn't get to it this week, so it's not like I'm redo-ing work that I just did yesterday."

- "only five of our fourteen bottles broke, so we saved a large majority of the milk."

- "I only pay $2.25 a gallon for our milk, and $2.50 a piece for our bottles, so all things considered, it wasn't a huge cost."

- "I'm constantly surprised to see situations arise that would have, in previous years, made me lose my ever-loving mind that now really are just like, 'Oh, that figures.'  This life of raising tons of kids, and dealing with constant surprises, and constant opportunities for unanticipated work and interruptions, has tempered me.  It's nice to see the evidence of that."

So, while I'm still tired, and still sick, and still giant, at least the milk spilled everywhere.


todd said...

i am not as sanctified when it comes to crying and spilled milk.

Danielle Tiarks said...

Way to handle a tough situation and look on the positive side! It's so great to have the ability to take a step back and look at things realistically. SO many hugs to you for the exhaustion though! I really hope you guys break through the bug in record time and you start feeling relief soon!

Lissa said...

It is so sweet to see sanctification and maturity in the little but true tests of our life! Thank you Holy Spirit for working in our lives!

the jersk. said...

you're amazing. i'll call you tomorrow and check in to see how you're doing. :)