our trip to the fire station.

Recently, we made some new friends at church, one of whom is a fire fighter here in town.  I think you can imagine the boys' excitement when they found out that a real, live fireman was going to be coming to our house for dinner.  And I think you can also imagine the mania that ensued when he invited us to drop by the fire station so he could show us around.  UM, OKAY!

We were going to go last Thursday, but everyone here was sick.  So we rescheduled for yesterday morning, but Lance texted and said he had something unexpected come up and was hoping we could push it back until the afternoon.  So, by 1:00 p.m. yesterday, after having to wait years and years and years to get to see the station, the kids were basically frothing at the mouth as we loaded into the van.

Then, to complicate matters, I first went to the wrong station.  (There are nine in town, and I thought he'd said to go to Station 3, but I was really supposed to have gone to Station 1.)  So that made us even MORE late.  Gah.  Mothers.  They ruin everything.

But, finally, we arrived!  And the kids had a blast.

In addition to the ladder truck, we got to see a foam truck and the fire boat.  Atticus thought he'd died and gone to heaven.  The only problem is that now he just absolutely can't decide on his longterm career path: Soldier (where you can't know for sure what vehicle you'll be assigned to man), or Fire Fighter (where you might have the opportunity to man multiple vehicles on any given day).  Real crossroads kind of stuff here.

Finneas clearly found his new hero.  (I should also mention that Lance spends his free time skydiving and SCUBAing.  Finneas could not be more in awe.)

Doesn't Finn look just like his new bestie?

Lolo wasn't so sure the hat went with her outfit.

And, as a great way to end the visit, Lance even offered to take a photo of me WITH THE KIDS.  And Rocco showed his face and everything!  This is a miracle photo.

And that was our time at the fire station - the kids are already devising the plan regarding when to go see each of the other stations in town.  So, if they have anything to do with it, this blog will soon morph into simply a 'fire station home tours' interiors blog.  Brace yourself.

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