how we celebrated my birthday.

Well, I can officially say that turning thirty-one doesn't kill a person.  I could have deduced it from the number of over-31-year-olds I've met in my life, but I'd never personally put the theory to the test.  Now I have, and as I'm still standing, I can tell you it doesn't appear to be fatal. 

My sister and her husband came down for the weekend to watch the kids overnight on Friday so Todd and I could duck out to celebrate.  And can I just say... It. Was. Awesome.

I ate high-end steak and lobster mashed potatoes.  I got serenaded by our waiter (mostly because we were his only table and I suspect he had nothing better to do with his time and he was already wearing a bowtie, so... why not?).  I ate crème brule cheesecake in bed while we watched HGTV.  I sat in molten-lava-hot bath in a jetted tub until I looked like a pregnant Craisin.  And I slept.

Like, I really slept.

In a comfortable bed, on a comfortable pillow, with a comfortable blanket, in a hotel room that didn't have that damp "hotel room" vibe.  And I didn't have kids coming out of their rooms for various 'justifiable' reasons every twenty minutes starting at the crack of dawn.  (I later learned that Laurelai started Saturday morning at 5:00.  And I got to obliviously sleep through it.)

And then we alternatingly watched Flip or Flop and the ESPN cheerleading championships while we ate breakfast in our jammies until we had to check out.

Apparently it doesn't take much to win the heart of a 31-year-old.  My 21-year-old self would probably not have believed that this is all I really wanted for my birthday at this point in life: to sleep and take a bath and eat a steak.  (Or, if I'm being a little more honest about how boring I was, even as a 21-year-old, I have to say I probably would have delighted in this even then.)

It was so restful and needed... especially because we got a text the next morning that Rocco was at home, barfing all over his doting babysitters and my new rug.  So I was glad to have gotten in a great intermission before jumping back into the fray of real life.

It's a good thing my real life is so good or I might feel a little sad.


Lissa said...

What a thoughtful gift Lauren and husband gave caring for your children! Don't those breaks make you want to do it for others because you know how helpful it is!?

Happy belated birthday!

todd said...

we are the coolest