what was up (that should have flushed down) this week.

Well, this week was spent getting back into the swing.  We took last week off of school, since we'd spent the early week traveling, and the latter part of the week recovering.  So it has been a week of laundry, cleaning and tooth-whitening... not that that really has anything to do with anything, other than I think I feel a sense of renewed vigor to get a handle on all chaotic aspects of my life, including my coffee-stained teeth.

So, not that this is of any consequence whatsoever and it's more just a tangential note: I have been trying activated charcoal on my teeth to see if that actually works to whiten them.  While I've only used it twice so far, and can therefore not yet speak to its whitening efforts, I can definitely tell you it blackens everything else.  And also I look really, really scary while doing it.  Which seems antithetical to a beauty treatment, but what do I know?  So now my toothbrush is stained black, and my washcloth is stained black, but my teeth are about the same color as they've been, so we'll see if I actually start making up the deficit at any point.  I'll keep you posted, but spare you current photos.

The most 'interesting' part of our week involved this sight:

It's never a good day when seeing the Roto Rooter van in front of your house is a source of relief.  On Monday, Atticus came upstairs and said the basement toilet wasn't flushing.  So I tried to plunge it, to no avail.  Since I had noticed the other drains in that bathroom acting weird lately, I pulled out the Drano and poured some down both the shower and sink drains and let it sit.  When I went to run water down to rinse it out, though... the water didn't go down.  It just stood.  And hours later, it was still standing.  And hours after that, there was sewage coming out of every single drain in the bathroom.  Awesome.

We have never once, in our nearly-ten-years of marriage, needed to call a plumber, but it was clear that Monday was the day to try something new.   So I called, they scheduled us for Tuesday morning, and we waited.  By Tuesday morning, all the backed up stuff was still sitting there, but it had... aged significantly in the meantime.  Our shower was seriously apocalyptic.  Luckily, the guy was able to snake our main drain pretty quickly, so the initial problem was fixed, but I was left with the task of cleanup.  Again, I'll spare you the photos (of which there actually are some, because Todd was trying his hand at hardhitting, gritty photo journalism).

Anyway.  It is safe to say that our bathroom is the cleanest it's probably ever been, now that I've sprayed and scrubbed and prayed it clean.  And my hands are probably the cleanest they've ever been, now that I've sprayed and scrubbed and prayed them clean.  And our pipes have a six-month clog warranty on them, so we can flush as many flushable wipes and tampons and apple slices and Barbie shoes as our little hearts desire for the next five and a half months.

Things that have been keeping my spirits higher than would be warranted if that was the only thing going on this week:

Rocco was getting his sassafrass on.

Penelope mastered the art of flight.

I matted this cute print in this cute frame, and actually got it hung on the wall.  (Though, hanging it kind of highlighted how much other stuff should be hung on the walls in there to make it look less lonely.)

This little lady seems like she never changed out of her pajamas, and also seemed to age before my very eyes.

And I am now 24 weeks along, and have officially sized out of all the jeans I own.  And I only own one very sad, poorly-fitting pair of maternity jeans (HOW?! WHY?!), so I'm taking this as a bad omen an indicator that I should just buy a bunch of leggings and settle in for the long haul.  I have a feeling I'm going to end up more 'voluptuous' by the end of this pregnancy than I typically get, or at least my lower half will...  At least I'll be sturdy?

Teeth, plumbing, preggo legs (Pregs? Leggos?)... yep, I think I covered everything.


todd said...

I like our life together, even when it's crappy :)

ohcitycity said...

24 weeks and you're just now outgrowing your jeans! I've been in maternity jeans since like, week 13 :p