fighting a losing battle.

Well, it has happened yet again.  The stomach bug has hit our house.  And I, for one, am a little annoyed.

If you were to ask me any other year about the state of our family's health, I'd be all, "Oh, we're pretty healthy.  We usually get hit by a cold virus once or twice throughout the year, and a stomach bug every couple of years."  But this year, it seems like it's thing after thing after thing, and we can't even heal from one sickness before the next one comes calling.  In my tenure as a mother, I have never, ever seen a season of illness like this.  I have to admit, my pride has taken a hit this year.

So here we are again.  After missing two weeks of church because of a respiratory virus (that they are still recovering from, mind you), we had to miss church this week because Rocco had started throwing up Saturday morning.  By Sunday, the barfs had stopped, but he was running a relatively high fever.  Even now, he still has no appetite and has diarrhea.  And yesterday, the rest of the kids also fell in the battle.

We started the day at 7:00, with Finneas running into our room to yell that Atticus had thrown up in his bed.  I got his sheets changed and moved him to the guest bed with a bucket.  Shortly thereafter, Finneas started up.  Shortly thereafter, Penelope started complaining of a bellyache.

So I served chicken soup for breakfast, then we skipped school and watched Netflix all day.  The kids spent HOURS sleeping.  Laurelai woke up halfway through nap because it was her turn to start the whole process. 

As of last night, all of the kids have at least been hit, but I have no idea how long the bug will take to run its course.  Rocco is still sick four days in, so we may be hunkering down for quite a while as we wait for this to run its course.

Here's to crossing our fingers that Todd and I don't get it.  (And that Lauren and Austin don't either, as they spent the whole weekend here and were both barfed on by Rocco.)  UGH.  I am so ready for Spring, and a fresh start, and recovered immune systems!  Who's with me?!


todd said...

I'm with ya! Rocco drank a full bottle this AM and then went back to sleep. Prayin he's on the mend and ready to get back to normal.

the jersk. said...

poor little lambs!

Hannah said...

I have noticed personally that moving to a new place seems to bring on a bout of weak immunity as you get used to all the "new bugs" in the area. I have also heard other people refer to the first year in a new place as a "sick all the time" adjustment period. Also sugar has a huge effect, but I know you are careful about that with your kids. I hope it passes quickly! What a lovely birthday :)