please welcome the newest member of our family.

No, I don't mean Rocco, although I could see where you would think that, since I'm just so over-the-moon for him that I can't shut up about it.  But no, we have an even newer member of the family:  this unnamed-as-of-yet, brand-new-to-us minivan.

Yes, I know.  It was pretty sad to part ways with Ol' Windy the Vidivan, the Ford Windstar that has seen us through many a life event, has been with us on almost all our family vacations, and has heroically continued trucking along without complaint even when her leather-clad backseat was covered in some motion-sick kiddo's vomit.  (Atticus'.  Atticus' vomit.)

But, like I told you previously, she was starting to show her age.  Her state-of-the-art VCR no longer worked.  The brakes needed to be...fixed? maintained? re-braked?  (I'm clearly no mechanic, as you'd know if you'd ever listened to our brakes.)  You couldn't run the air conditioner while idling at a red light unless you wanted the entire vidivan to go into some kind of deafening seizure.  And, most recently and most notably, the sliding doors had fallen off and were no longer functional.  Like, at all.

So we were "excited" to "get to" figure out what to do about the van problem.  We weren't ready to buy a new van, but we really didn't know how much the doors would cost to fix, and we didn't love the idea of putting tons of money into a van that would likely need to get replaced in a couple years after we outgrow it.  (That's my way of telling you, No, we're likely not done having kids.  I realize inquiring minds want to know.)

But then we got a call from Todd's parents one morning, telling us they would like to gift us with a new van, and that they'd already found a great one - newer than ours (as indicated by many things, like the year it was made, but also by the fact that it sports a DVD player instead of a VCR), with fewer miles on it.  And with completely functioning doors.  And we were like, WHAAAAAAA?!  And then we were like, WE ACCEPT.

So there you have it.  We have a new van, and I clearly have the best in-laws a gal could ask for.  And I also have to say that I feel like a rich person when I drive it.  (To clarify, I feel like the kind of rich person who drives a minivan.)  It has leather seats, smells like 'New Car,' has removable waterproof floor mats (even in the very back!) and makes that expensive clicky-sound when the turn signal is on (a sound I only know about from being in a nice rental car once or twice).  It even has this crazy pop-up shelf system thing in the back to increase the capacity for corralling groceries.  I know these are all 'cup holder'-type considerations when examining a car, so I will also say that it has low mileage, no rust, and has had only one previous owner, but GROCERY STORAGE, Y'ALL.  It's my jam.

 Needless to say, we love the newest minivan voorst and are so grateful to Todd's parents for their generosity.  

We will also miss the Vidivan, and thank her for her services to us.  Just to humor me, gaze at the photo above while singing "Time of Your Life," or something equally and universally sentimental.  Now imagine the van closing those doors and driving into that gorgeous sunset.  (Or into the lot at Mouw Motors, where she was traded in.  Whatever floats your boat.)  Now give the Brown Bird salute and prepare yourself to love again.  Because, guys?

Oh, yeah.


the jersk. said...

I vote vanny devito as the new name.

the jersk. said...

or maybe vanny tanner. it'd be a full house... er van, after all.

the jersk. said...

van Morrison. vanny glover. vanny bonaduce. van rather. hmmmm

todd said...

vanley tucci
van van gundy
vancis schaeffer
van wilder
it is a chrysler town & country so maybe..

t & c music factory
mouse (ya know, town mouse, country mouse)
i do like vanny tanner and the full house reference and application to the crammavan

but maybe that's the name



winner, winner chicken dinner!