rocco's modern life.

Oh, you guys.  Rocco is the rockin'est.

Now that he's four weeks old (or, will be tomorrow), I feel like I can safely describe him without having it blow up in my face.  After all, we'll be two-thirds through the first six weeks, which are always the hardest for me.  Once we hit six weeks, there usually seems to be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, newborn-wise.  They start smiling more, pooping less, and (hopefully) getting into an easier-to-deal-with sleep rhythm.

But here's the thing: Rocco is already killing it.  Maybe he weighed so much at birth because he was actually a two-month-old already?  I don't know.  But I can tell you that the first night home, he slept for two four-hour stretches and I got a full eight hours of shut-eye.  And I can tell you that pretty much every night since then has been a similar story.  He sleeps in three- to four-hour stretches, and goes right back to sleep after eating.  I'm in heaven.

He's my first baby who hasn't liked to be swaddled.  Like, at all.  All my other kids were swaddled until around five months old, and Rocco was two weeks old and was all, 'Cut it out.  I get that I'm not in the womb anymore; we don't have to play this game.'  So I was like, okay.  And we've been on good terms ever since.

He has started focusing his eyes and tracking me when I walk by, and I suspect he'll start smiling soon, as there have been a couple times where it actually seemed like he was trying to 'social smile,' and wasn't just working on crapping his pants.

He is a really cuddly baby like Finneas was.  There is no setting him down when he's awake.  But you know what?  Fine by me.  I kind of don't hate getting to cuddle him all the glorious day.

What else about him?  Um, let's see.  He barely ever cries, except for that one time Laurelai walked on his chest, so I can't really hold that against him.

And that's about it.  We are four weeks into the six-week stretch, and I'm feeling good.  I'm feeling really good.  Just keep praying it stays this way, would you?  I definitely am.


todd said...

he is a roc-star

Sarah Vint said...

Love this! Keep being good to your mama little man! This is how Judson has been. Totally awesomeness! 🙌👏#bestbabyever