christmas morning shenanigans.

Christmas was wonderful this year.  This winter has been so stinking warm and fantastic, and then on Christmas Eve the heavens dumped loads of thick snow errwherrr, so it was a white Christmas.  And then it all melted away the next day.  *mwah* Bellissimo!  I could live like this every year and never complain once.

So it was a white Christmas, and we ate salmon for breakfast.  NEEDISAYMORE?!

Okay, I guess before I start raving about the salmon, I should probably show the people that came to visit us and who helped us eat the salmon.  Priorities.

Here are The People:

My sister, my grandpa, my sister's fiance (YES HE IS!), my stepdoug, and mi madre.

Okay, on to the salmon:

Here's my homespun recipe for Bagels and Lox:  1. Bagel (GF or normal).  2. Cream Cheese.  3. Smoked Salmon.  4. Sliced Tomato.  5. Sliced Red Onion.  6. Those perennial besties, Salt and Pepa.  7. Dill.

Instructions: Assemble.  Eat.  Die and Go to Heaven.  Be Pulled Back Earthward to Finish Your Bagel and Kiss Your Grateful Family With Your Raw Onion Breath.  Repeat.  (You better try this and then thank your lucky stars you read this blog, if only for changing your life with bagels and lox.)  Here, this lady will show you how, albeit minus most of the good stuff on top of the bagel:

After 'Salmon-Bagel Happy Fun Time Yeah,' as it's loosely translated in Japan, and after cuddling on the couch for a while with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Austin...

...the kids opened gifts.  I found four of these crazy pencil faces in the clearance section at Wal-mart, and this photo is proof that kids really do love the thrill of a good bargain:

Then the kids opened more gifts...

...and more gifts...

This is Rocco Baby, not to be confused with her human male counterpart, Baby Rocco.  It is not at all confusing.

...and Finneas transformed into his alter-ego, Batman, just like the wise men did on that very first Christmas of yore.

And just to prove he really was here:

And that was our Christmas morning, A-Z. 


Amanda Cushman said...

Those bagels sound heavenly! I'm so glad you had a very Merry Christmas!

todd said...

Finn was in Gotham City Heaven which is just regular Gotham City in his case.

Our life in pictures said...

Reading your blog on my cranky days is my fav....thanks
Christmas looks wonderful and we too got cheap eraser faces which turned out to be jackpot gifts....