what's up weekly: Kelsey Grammer edition.

There was plenty going on this week, including Atticus' birthday party on Saturday, Laurelai's first haircut (well, actually that was last week, but I forgot to include it in WUW), and Atticus losing a tooth.

But this week's news centers mainly around the Christmas tree.  Let's start with the fact that we have 8-foot ceilings and we bought a 10-foot tree.  Why, you ask?  Well, because I refuse to repeat that one year when our tree was a midget and I cried and cried.  Also, because we don't have a tree star to cover vertical real estate.  Also, because it's possible to cut a tree shorter, but impossible to make it grow taller, so if you get one with a pretty long stump and a pretty long shoot-thing that comes out the top, you have plenty of wiggle room and can still get a tree that reaches to the ceiling without looking weird.

Todd cut it inside so we could test the height as we went.

We eventually got it perfect, after cutting about 22 inches total from top and bottom.  As you can see, we bought one that was wrapped up to save Todd the annual angst involved in wrangling a non-bound tree, but as we weren't able to see the shape and condition of it before buying it, I admit that I DID pray on the way home from Menards that it was normal-shaped and didn't have any critters hiding inside.  Plus, it made it look like a "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" tree, which was weirdly a plus.

Todd cut off the binding...

And other than being slightly dry inside, this tree is a downright gem.  It's well-shaped and fabulous.  I, as you can see, am neither well-shaped nor fabulous, but I'm five weeks postpartum and eating nachos while I write this, so I'm clearly not all that frantic about it.  I'll let the tree steal the show for a while.

This year was the least stressful we've had since we started letting the kids participate in trimming the tree.  I chalk it up to having separated all their ornaments last year when I was packing everything up, and also to shrugging a lot throughout the morning, to convince myself with my own body language that I really am happy-go-lucky about life.  Nothing broke and I didn't yell a single time!  The shrugging seemed to have worked.

Also, the separating.  Each kid got their own cookie sheet of ornaments and only came to me for hooks.  Streamlining at its finest.

This single branch got pretty much all the love.  Happy-go-lucky Me didn't care a whit.

And because we always name our trees, this year we decided on Kelsey Grammer...get it??