christmas eve jams.

Each year for Christmas, we get the kids jammies they're able to open on Christmas Eve.  We do this for a few reasons:  1) It was a tradition in my house growing up, so it's fun to carry it on with our kids, 2) Getting to open one present early puts at least some kibosh on the nagging that goes hand-in-hand with Christmas anticipation, and 3) They're not dressed in junky old tshirts and ratty old jammy sets on Christmas morning when a bunch of photos are taken.  Win-win-win.

So this year was no different.  (Though next year I need to make a mental note to allow the kids to open them before the sun goes down and the lighting gets abysmal; in December, that's at like 3:00 p.m.)

When Todd asked Laurelai what she thought of her new jammies, she gasped and whispered, "Pin-cess!"

Finneas is enamored with all things The Dark Knight.  He even calls me BatMom.  So while this photo is blurry and blasted out in places, I think it accurately captures the spirit of his response to his Batjamas.

Penelope needed a bit of convincing to believe she liked her jammies right at first (after all, they're not pink), but when she was told that Laura and Mary Ingalls wore nightgowns that went down to their ankles just as this one does, she was sold.

Atticus, of course, got camouflage jams.  He was, of course, stoked.

And photos of all five kids?!  It's a Christmas Eve Jammies miracle!


The Jones Family said...

Where'd you find Penelope's jammies? Our daughter (same age) has been wanting a long nightgown for quite some time!

paige said...

Rachael, I think Todd bought them at Wal-mart last year on clearance after Christmas. So, I'm pretty much of zero help!

todd said...

Yeppers. Got Pen's jams last yr on after Xmas clearance. Now i only Finn would Batnap!