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In big news this week, we hosted Thanksgiving here on Saturday.  It was THE BEST.  I threw some prepped-in-advance potatoes in the crockpot, popped a turkey in the oven, and delegated much of the rest of the food to others, so I found myself sitting around, reading a book while we waited for people to arrive. 

My parents, my grandpa, and my sister and her boyfriend all came up to spend the day.  It was so great to have such a full house.  Maybe my love of having people over is one reason why we want/love having a big family.  Like, every night is Thanksgiving when you have a million kids.

Anyway, the following picture is physical proof of the consumption of my first postpartum margarita and it was CRAZY GOOD.  Have I said yet that I love Thanksgiving?

Why yes, those ARE cheese-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, presented on a marble platter.  These are the kind of shenanigans that happen at the Van Voorst house when I decide to let others bring food.  Note to self: always let others bring food.

Is this not just the best?!  I LOVE having my grandpa living so close now!

The afternoon of watching the grown-ups socialize and nap got a bit long for the big kids, so they took a Netflix break.

End: Thanksgiving.

And the next morning, Todd got a photo with all five kids in it.  You might have to take a second to find Rocco.

And as for other news this week, Rocco is officially one month old today!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! And yesterday he smiled at me for the first time!  All the exclamation points!!!

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