trick-or-treat, y'all.

As per usual, Halloween happened this year.  As per usual, my mom knocked it out of the park with her mad seamstressing skills, and made costumes for the kids.  Well, she actually just made costumes for the big kids, since I wanted to reuse the Royal Guard and Mr. Peanut costumes from a few years ago for the little ones.

Atticus was a soldier, Penelope was a fairy godmother-slash-fairy princess-slash-tooth fairy, according to her.  Basically, anything in the general category of characters that have wings, a wand, and a tiara.

Sorry for the poor light quality in these photos - we didn't do daytime trick-or-treating downtown like we often have in the past.  We just trekked around the neighborhood for a bit in the evening.  Actually, we went down our block, then up the block the next street over, and ended up with approximately 177 pounds of candy.  And apparently, our neighbors aren't the 'tootsie roll and dumdums' type - it's all the really, really good stuff.  Which is a mixed blessing - I respect our neighbors more, but I'm going to have a much harder time losing the baby weight.

Mom even went the extra mile and special ordered the official patches for Atticus' uniform.

Anyway, Atticus was so into his costume.  Since Saturday night, he has only taken it off it to sleep and go to church.  Penelope has been practicing ascending and descending the stairs in her long, poofy skirt - a life skill worth perfecting when one hopes to be a professional royal.  

I'm not sure why I love this photo of Penelope so much - she looks like she's floating.  What a darling fairy.

Finneas' guard costume was the favorite of the neighbors, and he has been really into wearing the hat around with nothing else but a T-shirt and undies.  He calls himself Undie Boy, and believe you me, Undie Boy is hilarious and downright delightful.  And as always, the peanut costume was my favorite. Laurelai was so. stinkin. cute. in it.  Watching her tiny little legs running that peanut shell around was the highlight of my night, once you exclude all the free Butterfingers.

And that was trick-or-treating!

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todd said...

the kids looked so good in their costumes and they felt like they looked so good which made it even more fun.