rocco's first bath at home.

We started off with a checklist of things to accomplish, written by Penelope.

Pour water on him.
Let him play now.
Put shampoo now.
Then wash his body.
Put soap on him.
Put conditioner on him.
Put a towel on him.
Get him dressed now.

Then we got our supplies ready: sink (check), enamelware basin in which to bathe him-slash-make him look like a roasting chicken (check), towel (check), observation deck for penelope (check), a lone dirty spatula (check).

As predicted, Rocco didn't love the series of unfortunate events.

His response to first being immersed:

His response to being scrubbed down:

His response to being rinsed off:

His response to being removed from the bath:

Thankfully, the paci covers a multitude of perceived wrongs.

Penelope stayed faithful to our checklist, making sure we hadn't forgotten any important steps. ("Let him play now" probably did not get checked off, but that was by Rocco's choice.  If there is one thing newborns don't take kindly to, it's allowing anyone to fully complete their to-do lists.  Also, baths.  But I feel that point has been sufficiently made already.)

Being warm and dry and dressed in his best monocle and mustache cheered him up.

And then he was clean for approximately four seconds, which is pretty good for a newborn.

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todd said...

nobody puts baby in a corner (of a sink)