what's up?

It has been a really long time since I've posted a Friday summary of our week, so this one is going to cover the last few weeks.

I got to spend some snuggle time with this little girl while she was still the littlest Van Voorst.

My last official preggo photo:

Finneas literally marched to the beat of a different drum.  Stylin'.

Laurelai spent some time just being happy to be alive.

She picked out this 'pirate' outfit all by herself.

Todd and I have been relying heavily on the espresso pot I got him for his birthday.

And suddenly (plus some stuff in between), there were Five.

Atticus came downstairs one morning and immediately began unloading the dishwasher for me, without being prompted by anything other than his desire to help me out.  Golly, that kid melts my heart.

The sisters spent approximately 98% of their free time swooning over their new brother.  We've had to instate an explicit new rule that no one is allowed to touch him without permission while he's sleeping, because otherwise he's quickly woken up by finger-pokes to the face and tons and tons of smooches.  There are definitely worse problems to have in life than being loved too much, but still.

We stuck with our school schedule, surprisingly enough.  We were coincidentally on break the week I went into labor and was at the hospital, so we didn't miss lessons then, and Todd took the following week off to be home with me, and having two adults on hand to wrangle everything made it relatively easy to truck along.  Plus, the kids do best with a rhythm to their day, so it actually made life easier to just stick with our routine.

Also?  Penelope is a wiggly learner.  This is how I often find her doing her math, if she's not sitting directly on the table.

And Atticus got a haircut and is looking about as cool as Fonzie, but with different finger gestures.

And other than all the stuff that generally comes with newborns (doctor appointments, nurse assessments, midwife appointments, nursing and pumping for hours and hours and hours per day, sleeping when you can, cuddling - and sitting - as much as possible; you know the drill), that has been how we've spent our time the last few weeks!


Josh Miller said...

It is so nice to see the VanVoorsts are clipping along and doing well!! Love the picture of Laurelai holding Rocco! Her face is adorable!! Can't believe how big everyone is getting :)

Josh Miller said...

And this is Megan, not Josh, ha!

todd said...

love me some weekly what's up